How Powerful Is Uzumaki Naruto Without Kurama?


To be frank, we never thought there would be a day where we will finally have to answer this question. But now it has come, and Kurama has left Naruto forever, and it’s heartbreaking.

Is he really gone?

While many fans are still in the stage of denial, we have to get up and accept that the tailed beast has served his best friend and master well and has left as a hero.

Kurama went from the sole reason why Naruto lost everything in his life to becoming one of the most treasured friends of Naruto. If not for hardworking Naruto and his powerful friend, the Shinobi all around the world would have faced their doom.

How powerful is Naruto now?

Well, the Naruto we saw in the last war in Shippuden was vulnerable but amazingly powerful. But that teenager has grown far since then and is now the protector of the village.


He went from being the most unpredictable ninja to become the strongest in the generations who even had the power to take down gods.

Naruto, even without Kurama, is powerful, but with Kurama and a lot of experience, the one we saw in Boruto was a class apart.

Everyone, including Boruto and Sasuke, were in awe of him at times. Not to mention Iwabe dropped his jaws to the ground every time Naruto was around.

Without Kurama

Now Naruto unlocked the powers of Kurama only in the last part of Shippuden. He frankly got Kurama‘s complete trust only then.

But do not forget that Naruto took down some formidable enemies even before when he was unpredictable and just a kid.

The Naruto we saw in Boruto Anime didn’t need Kurama to stop any opponent, remember? He knew numerous Ninjutsu and so many other techniques that Kurama was barely shown in the series.



In fact, like Kakashi, Kurama was also in retirement and woke up only when the village was in grave danger.

Previous Naruto Achievements

Kurama was just a boost to Naruto and his powers. Don’t worry, Naruto still has his sage powers and Six Paths powers, and that’s enough.

Naruto, the previously immature and not experienced one, took down Pain with just his sage mode and his skills, which Jiraiya couldn’t do.

Well, that fight had a lot to do with Naruto convincing Nagato, but still, the kid is now an adult with massive powers and experience beyond his age.

Also, as long as Chakra is concerned, Naruto had more even without Kurama because of his Uzumaki bloodline.

Still, the other beasts have some kind of connection and have their fraction of powers stored in him so, don’t worry, he will be just fine.

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