Unresolved Mysteries From Naruto That Are Still Need To Be Answered

There are a lot of things about Naruto which still make us scratch our heads. For an average viewer, it might be nothing, but for a die-hard fan, it is something that keeps popping in their head.

Here are the most asked about and the unsolved questions of Naruto.

Naruto’s Graduation


We get to know through Naruto that he failed the graduation exam three times. So, was Naruto allowed to take the exam before others could?

If that’s the case and you could take the exams whenever you wanted as Kakashi did, then don’t you think Neji and Sasuke would’ve done that and graduated way before Naruto and others?

So, how is Naruto’s three times failure explained?

How Did Rock Lee Pass The Graduation Exam?


During the graduation exam, the final level is creating a clone. Naruto had a hard time creating one.

Even though Naruto becomes an expert who could create a thousand and more now, he couldn’t do that before. So, he was held back from graduating.

While Lee is an amazing Ninja, he lacks entirely in the area of ninjutsu. But, he had passed the graduation exam, and it doesn’t make sense at all.

How did Lee make a clone when he has no idea to do basic ninjutsu?

Sakura’s Obsession With Sasuke


We know that love is blind but is it dumb too? Sakura, even after being mistreated by Sasuke, continues to love him.

He even attempted to kill her many times, but that doesn’t stop her. Now, if he had been kind to her and had a relationship previously, and only then he turned wild, we may understand that.

But Sakura’s only attraction towards Sasuke was for his good looks. Now, how much can a person put up just for an attractive partner?

Obito’s Sharingan


The stronger the jutsu, the stronger its consequences. Sharingan is a gift to the Uchihas, while it’s also a curse.

Every Uchiha we saw on screen was losing their eyesight because of the over usage, and they managed to replace it. From Madara to Sasuke, everyone replaced their eyes.

Obito never replaced it and has only one Sharingan, but it never looked like he was going blind or slowing down anyway. Is it because of the Hashirama Cell in him or just another plot hole?

Obito’s Escape from Death


Death eventually wins over Obito, but he just seemed to escape it too many times.

Let it be when he got caught under the boulder or when the Ten-Tails was extracted from him; he seemed to escape death.

He somehow was able to escape from Minato too. When Shukaku was extracted from Gaara, we saw how quickly he died. But even after a powerful Ten-Tails was extracted from Obito, he survived.

Lord Fourth’s Legacy


Naruto resembles the Fourth Hokage, has the same fox previously inside Kushina and was born during the event, and was now an orphan since his parents died in that battle.

Now anyone with even a pinch of common sense would’ve put this together and would’ve known who Naruto is. So, why didn’t they?

Hinata Fighting Pain


Even though a sage-powered Naruto couldn’t defeat Pain, Hinata, who could barely beat Tenten, came into the ground to fight Pain.

We love her for the strength she showed and the confidence she had but what doesn’t make sense is how the Hyuga Clan members left their princess to fight and stayed away without trying to protect her.

Danzo and Itachi


There are many things about Danzo that make no sense, and one among them is how Itachi didn’t kill him even though he knew he was half the reason why the Uchihas were in distress.

He also knew Danzo could be a threat to Sasuke and knew that he was the one who killed Shisui. Still, Itachi didn’t kill Danzo. Is it just because Itachi was a kind soul and avoid killing as much as possible or just another plot hole?

Otsutsuki Power


According to the Boruto series, when Boruto defeats Momoshiki, he says that it’s is a duty in their clan to pass on their powers to the ones that defeat them.

Now in the final battle in Shippuden, before Sasuke and Naruto decided to break their hands, they take down Kaguya. If what Momoshiki said was true, then shouldn’t Sasuke and Naruto received her powers.

Is it because Kaguya wasn’t dead properly, or is it just another plot hole?


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