I Am Groot Season 2 Episodes Revealed; How To Watch I Am Groot Season 2?

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Marvel Studios’ latest series set to be released on Disney+ just had all of its episode titles revealed online.

The MCU has two more Disney+ dropping this year; one of them is the highly anticipated return of Tom Hiddleston in Loki Season 2, releasing on October 6.

Unfortunately, Echo has been delayed to 2024, and several other Marvel series have had their release dates pushed back.

I Am Groot Season 2 Episodes Revealed

The entire episode descriptions and titles have been released for Marvel Studios’ second season of I Am Groot via an official press release.

I Am Groot is a selection of animated shorts following Baby Groot through a series of twig-sized adventures.

I Am Groot Season 2 consists of five episodes and was written and directed by Kirsten Lepore, as was the first season which was released on August 10, 2022.

Here’s a closer look at all five episodes of I Am Groot:

1.) Episode 1: “Are You My Groot?”

The first episode of Season 2 puts Groot on the planet Terma and features him adopting a small creature. Lepore says this episode “is very near and dear to [her]:”

Groot stumbles across a strange egg in a nest while exploring the alien planet of Terma. He instantly falls for the little creature that emerges when the egg cracks, adopting it as his own.

“This episode is very near and dear to me as the parent of a young kid… We had a blast designing our bird characters, especially perfecting their goofy movements. Additionally, we had the pleasure of recording the legendary voice talent Dee Bradley Baker who single-handedly created all of our bird sounds.”

2.) Episode 2: “Groot Noses Around”

In Episode 2, Lepore was worried it would be too “out there” for Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige as “Groot Noses Around” gifts Groot with a sense of smell.

When Groot discovers a bionic nose-shaped device that grants him a sense of smell, he quickly learns not to stick his new nose where it doesn’t belong…

“When we pitched this episode idea, I thought for sure it would be too ‘out there’ for Kevin Feige and our EPs (Executive Producers). I was thrilled when they picked it, mostly just to see what Groot would look like with a weird, cute nose on his face? The scene with the fragrant delights displayed across the banquet table is my favorite shot of this season.”

3.) Episode 3: “Groot’s Snow Day”

On the planet of Falligar, Lepore says the creators “had too much fun making this episode” that features a chaotic snowman-robot.

After landing on the icy planet of Falligar, Groot fashions a snowman with scraps of junk, inadvertently creating an unstoppable snowman-robot that wreaks havoc.

“We had too much fun making this episode—and creating our snowman! … This was one of the last episodes to have the scoring completed, and I wasn’t sure what the two songs for this episode would be. I was cheering and clapping the first time I got to hear them. Our music composer, Daniele Luppi, knocked it out of the park!”

4.) Episode 4: “Groot’s Sweet Treat”

A crossover of the real world and galactic shenanigans in the MCU, Groot is set to get a sweet treat from an ice cream truck. Lepore said she can “very much relate to this as a kid growing up in the suburbs:”

“As an intergalactic ice cream truck approaches, Groot—desperate to get a treat— frantically scours the ship for coins.

“I very much relate to this as a kid growing up in the suburbs, constantly chasing ice cream trucks… I’m really happy we got to use the classic ice cream ‘Entertainer’ theme—and then upgrade it into a ridiculous ’90s club banger. Fun Fact: That’s Mikky Ekko singing the final song that plays over the credits!”

5.) Episode 5: “Groot and the Great Prophecy”

He’s back! It’s not Spider-Man, but Jeffrey Wright’s The Watcher. As previously reported, The Watcher returns in I Am Groot Season 2 as the narrator of Episode 5.

The stakes are high in “Groot and the Great Prophecy” as the young hero is in an ancient Drez-Lar temple with the destiny of the universe at his pricky fingertips.

“In this adventure narrated by The Watcher, Groot finds himself in the heart of an ancient Drez-Lar temple with a mythic prophecy he must fulfill to save the universe…

“Absolutely loved recording Jeffrey Wright for this one—he was really incredible! The very last thing we did right before wrapping this season was to change up the ball-bouncing sound effects on the final mix stage. Felt good to add a whole new comedic layer in the 11th hour.”

How To Watch I Am Groot Season 2

Premiering on Disney+ on Wednesday, September 6, all five episodes of I Am Groot Season 2 will be available to stream.

Marvel Studios is getting busy again on Disney+ following this summer’s Secret Invasion series release, which led to the worst critical reception of any MCU show.

Hopefully the I Am Groot shorts are better received, but some fans may be concerned because this is the first Guardians of the Galaxy project without any involvement from writer and director James Gunn.

However, Vin Diesel is back voicing the character, as he has since 2014 within the MCU.

I Am Groot Season 2 will be available on Disney+ on Wednesday, September 6.

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