Everything You Need To Know About Charlize Theron’s Character ‘Clea’

Go away if you haven’t seen the movie. Shoo.

We’re curious as to why Charlize Theron just dropped into the MCU. That’s right, the actress that leaks said would play Clea just arrived into the MCU’s primary reality. She’s some kind of a sorcerer herself, and she came here to ask Stephen Strange for help. That big plot that I’ve kept referencing for more than six months said that Clea would appear in the Doctor Strange 2 post-credits.

Clea doesn’t introduce herself. But she tells Strange that he caused an “incursion,” and they’re going to fix it. Unless he’s afraid, of course.

She talks to Stephen while cutting a portal from this reality to what appears to be the Dark Dimension.

In the post-credits scene, Clea invites him to fix incursions that were caused by him. So, since they are doing a good thing here, we are not sure if their intentions are evil.

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But I think the MCU is going in the direction of Secret Wars. I think they will merge the Multiversal War and Secret Wars as one and the same thing.

This ‘incursion’ theory might lead to this.

So while Doctor Strange and Clea try to “fix” the incursions he caused, they accidentally give an opportunity to Kang to start Battle World and go with the Secret Wars angle. So we think MCU might replace God Emperor Doom with Kang the Conqueror.

That white-haired lady is Clea.

In the comics, she’s a love interest for Dr. Strange who comes from the Dark Dimension. She and Strange had quite a history. They saved each other periodically from Dormammu, they got married, and Clea eventually came to rule the Dark Dimension and even became Sorcerer Supreme after Strange died.

And judging from that mid-credit scene, it looks like she was inviting Strange to enter the Dark Dimension with her (where Dormammu may still be ruler). Clea is the niece of Dormammu. Goodness knows where this will lead, but we like the idea of having Charlize Theron in the MCU.

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In the comics, Clea is a sorceress who trained with Doctor Strange. She eventually goes on to become the Sorceress Supreme of the Dark Dimension and marries Doctor Strange. She’s incredibly powerful, with the ability to create illusions, teleport and control people’s minds. Clea’s arrival in the MCU suggests there will be more time spent exploring the multiverse and her relationship with Doctor Strange.

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