#InternationalDogDay- Let us delve into Dogs of our Marvel cast!


Today, on international dog’s day, we bring you every Marvel hero and his pet dog or in some instances dogs.

Chris Evans and his Pet Dog Dodger

Chris Evans His Pet Dog Dodger

The tale of Chris Evans and his dog Dodger is a never-ending love story. Evans adopted him in 2015 and when asked what breed it was, all he said that it’s a mutt and nothing else matters to him. Evans is active on twitter and makes sure he posts something about Dodger very often. From Dodger giving him the puppy face to him matching wardrobe with Evans, they both are the best Hollywood couple!

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Tom Holland And His Pet Tessa 

Tom Holland And His Pet Dog Tessa

Tom Holland owns a Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Tessa. As if there aren’t enough things for people to gush over our cute Holland, his dig Tessa just puts a massive chunk of cuteness to him. They both are very adorable together, let it be while playing dress up or catching Tom through face time or giving the long starry look into each other’s eyes.

Chris Hemsworth and his pet Sunny

Chris Hemsworth and his pet dog Sunny

Chris Hemsworth owns a Goldendoodle, Sunny. The dog made headlines when Chris lost her after she got zapped on an electric fence and bolted. The dog was found within a few days. She has been gracing a lot of Chris’ Instagram posts. She has been seen surfing with him and also gracing the cover of G.Q. Australia (Celebrity’s Celebrity dog then)!

Zendaya and the Noon 

Zendaya with her pet Dog Noon

Zendaya won our hearts way before she stepped into the superhero universe. Zendaya has a Miniature Schnauzer named Noon. Zendaya adopted Noon in 2015 after her childhood pet Schnauzer, Midnight died in 2015. Zendaya calls herself a proud dog mom and is very close to Noon.

Tom Hiddleston and his pet Bobby

Tom Hiddleston and his pet Bobby

Loki has a Cocker Spaniel, Bobby. Tom has been seen taking strolls in the park with him. Twitter fans of Hiddleston has a separate hashtag for Bobby #bobblyHiddleston. There have been action figures made with Tom and Bobby.


Chris Evans interrupted a Comic-Con panel so he could pet a Dog in the audience

Scarlett Johansson and her Pets Maggie and Pancake


Scarlett has two dogs, Maggie and Pancake. Maggie, a Chihuahua and Pancake a Dachshund-Chihuahua cross. Scarlett, in her busy schedule, tries to allot her time for her fur buddies and takes good care of them. Scarlett was even seen taking a walk in the Hamptons beach with her dog very recently.


Our War has two adorable dogs but hasn’t shared any videos of it much.
Dave Bautista has three dogs and apparently also has a tattoo on the same. But, not much is known about it.

Dave Bautista and his pet dogs

Our legendary Robert Downey Jr has two cats.

Today, on international dog’s day, we bring you every Marvel hero and his pet dog or in some instances dogs.

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