Is Loki In Love With Sylvie? The Reason Behind The Biggest Branch Is Something Simple

Never in a million years did we think that Loki will fall in love with someone. But that just happened, and as in every Rom-Com movie, we saw them care for each other two.

Is Loki in Love with Sylvie?

If you ask us, they are a better match for each other than anyone ever created. In all the years we have seen Loki, never has he once fallen in love or even cared for someone other than him.

Well, he occasionally cares for his brother a little. Seeing the way Loki is and even accepting that Sylvie can get out of this mess better than him is the highest form of love in Loki’s terms.

Loki is someone who never accepts that he failed or the fact that someone is smarter than him. The fact that Loki could do that with Sylvie is something we never thought we would see.

Why was the branch in Lamentis so big?

At first, TVA thought it’s because two variants are together at the same place, but boy, were they wrong.

Mobius is really smart, and he is the one to figure out that Loki’s love for Sylvie is the reason behind the most significant branch the TVA has ever seen.

This also makes us wonder how someone as smart as Mobius missed out on the details behind TVA and the Time-Keepers.

Subconsciously we think, he started remembering things about his life on Earth, and that’s what caused his obsession with Jet Ski.

He probably never thought Renslayer would lie to him.


Will Loki and Sylvie end up together?

In a way, we want them both to end up together, but we don’t think that will happen. Loki was about to propose his feeling right before he was pruned so, we think that he will tell it to her somehow.

Sylvie will probably not accept it even if she has feelings. Now, if Marvel decides to play nice to make us feel good, we can then maybe see Loki and Sylvie jumping around timelines happily ever after.

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