Is Marvel Changing The Release Time Of Loki Season 2?

With this potential sea-change at Disney, some may be wondering why the House of Mouse would mess around with the way it releases content after so many years of doing the same thing.

Well, as Disney – and the rest of Hollywood – re-evaluate the streaming landscape, this could be an effort from the studio to get more eyes on its platform all at once.

By bringing these releases forward and having them premiere in primetime rather than stealth-dropping overnight, it conjures a sense that this content is an event. It is important and needs to be viewed right then and there.

If the studio were to continue this trend for the second season of Loki, it would create this air of appointment viewing around the show, perhaps putting it up as a higher standing in people’s minds.

Over time, it seems audience interest has started to dwindle when it comes to the Marvel content hitting Disney+; this has resulted in a dip in subscribers to the service and a feeling of franchise fatigue amongst some fans.

However, putting it front and center in the middle of the living room right during prime TV viewing time could help to recapture audiences, as these sorts of 9 p.m. ET slots are usually reserved for the best of the best.

While no official announcement has yet been made about Loki Season 2 getting this kind of Disney release bump, it would not be surprising if the super-powered series got a similar treatment.

Loki Season 2 is currently set to debut at 3 a.m. ET on October 6.

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