Is Marvel Hinting At Something With The New Loki TV Spot?


Loki has been, without a doubt, a man of many dialogues. He will become Shakespeare if he can to just give out show-off speeches to boost his ego.

Loki and His Ego!

The new TV Spot that Marvel released has it all, Loki’s ‘I am burdened with a glorious purpose’ speech to him walking with his hands wide open like delivering his victory speech.

Things don’t stop there. The promo video also gives us a better idea of what Morbius thinks of him in the beginning. And it’s the one we had when we first saw him in the Avengers movie.

Whatever it is, things seem to be interesting out there in the TVA. We have to wait three more weeks for it to drop, but we may have some clues as to how it will go.

Ticking Clock

In the promo video, we hear Mobius talk about a ticking clock. As usual, Loki is taking it lightly and not taking it seriously. Now comes the question of what are they talking about.

For one, it might be the task given to Loki. That is, fixing the timeline problems he has caused by jumping across them.

We can gather that maybe there is a time limit to fix the timeline before it becomes permanently damaged. So, there are chances that Morbius is pushing Loki to fix it soon.

But we have many theories and no proof, so hold on to this one and search for more.

What does the final line here mean?

We see Loki giving his causal open hands and smirky smile, but along with the line, ‘What did you expect?’

Now this line might just be another line in the show, but the reason why Marvel chose to add to the trailer must be significant.

So, if we are right in our guess, we might get to see something we did not expect. Many fans have many theories as to what that will be, but as of now, we can neither confirm nor deny anyone of it.

Well, except the one with Black Widow appearing in the show. So, get ready for an insane ride with God of Mischief.



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