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Owen Wilson Received Sinister Message From Marvel When Revealing Loki’s Spoiler


Marvel Studios is known in Hollywood for having some of the strictest protocols for revealing plot and production details for everyone. Its actors must also maintain the same level of strict secrecy off-camera, ensuring that no details beyond what has been officially revealed can be known to the public ahead of time.

Of course, things don’t always go as planned, and Marvel has had several missteps, with the most recent being Alfred Molina revealing that he is returning as Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man: No Way Home.  And thanks to Loki‘s Mobius star Owen Wilson, we can now learn how Marvel scolds those who commit some oversight.

Owen Wilson Received Foul Text!


In a recent interview with  Esquire, Owen Wilson was asked about Marvel’s secrecy policy. Loki’s star revealed that he received an anonymous and Sinister text message as soon as he just revealed that Mobius had a mustache.

“ I blurted out that I was wearing a mustache to play the Mobius character; I got a sinister text saying ‘Foul #1’. I don’t know who it was, we think it might have been Kevin Feige using a disposable phone, but that hasn’t been confirmed. ”

The Marvel Studio is notorious for ensuring secrecy around plot details and productions. Don’t believe me? There’s literally a running joke about the “Marvel sniper” that’s always watching actors during press runs.

It’s strange to think how such a simple detail of Mobius could put Owen Wilson in a bad situation. However, his co-star Richard E. Grant, who brought Classic Loki to life, has also recently commented on Marvel’s secrecy policy:

“I got all of episode five, which surprised me. But it was on pain of death. Basically, I was threatened with an Asgard-like destruction if I revealed any information” ( referring to the devastation seen in Thor: Ragnarok ). I didn’t tell my daughter, my wife, I didn’t tell anyone about it. All I knew was that I was playing old Loki, a version of Tom Hiddleston’s iconic character. For them, that was all I knew .”

Mobius In Loki Season 2

Marvel Studios Assembled

As for whether we’ll get to see Mobius again in the future, now that Loki has been renewed for Season 2? The last time we saw Mobius, he was in an alternate timeline and completely unaware of the events of previous episodes, Owen Wilson explained:

“I couldn’t even speculate, Although now that we’ve sort of put that on the table the whole time element, I guess Agent Mobius could show up anywhere, even outside the MCU. We might see him if they do a reboot on Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Or Back to the Future. You might see Agent Mobius there. Like if they rent him out, maybe.”

Now we have to wait impatiently for Loki Season 2. Who knows what marvel has stored for us in the future.

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