Court Dismisses Juhi Chawla’s Petition Against 5G Implementation

Juhi Chawla 5G Petition
Juhi Chawla 5G Petition: Delhi High Court has dismissed the 53-year-old actor’s petition against 5G implementation. On June 2 the court had a virtual hearing for the case in which outsiders were also allowed to attend.

On June 3, actor and environment activist Juhi Chawla’s petition that cited risks of radiation from 5G networks was dismissed. The Delhi High Court deemed the case as “defective”. It also said that it was done for “media publicity.”

Justice J.R. Medha said that the suit is very shocking. “It is a defective plaint. This suit has been filed only for media publicity and nothing more than that” he added.

Medha also said that the 5G implementation is not prohibited by law and is not a nuisance for the public. He also questioned why Chawla’s petition was brought directly to the court without first representing it to the government.

Juhi Chawla 5G Petition

The actor had previously sought a scientific study for adverse effects of Radio Frequency radiation from 5G technology. Although she said that she is not against technology innovation, she has reasons to believe that implementing 5G will further prove to be harmful.

Chawla’s petition was filed through advocate Deepak Khosla. The petition directed concerns on the ‘health, life, organ or limb of adult or child, or to flora and fauna.’ Read more on Chawla’s petition here.

A Surprise During The Hearing

Chawla had earlier shared a link to the virtual hearing for anyone who wants to join it. Her initiative also gathered quite an audience for the hearing.

During the virtual hearing, an unidentified fan started to interrupt the meeting by singing songs from the actor’s previous films.

The unidentified man sang songs from various hit movies of Chawla’s and was removed from the meeting. But he joined the proceedings again each time using a different username and continued to sing.

Justice Midha asked the court master to contact Delhi police to identify the person who was causing trouble during the hearing. Midha said that a contempt notice could be issued against him for his actions.

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