Kang May Have Created The TVA in the Quantum Realm

There is a theory floating online about how Kang could have created the entire TVA in the Quantum Realm. There are some reasonable facts supporting this theory. The theory suggests that Kang or ‘Kang The Conqueror’ may have created the TVA to manipulate the timelines for himself. Fans point out that the primary reason he could have done this to keep his timeline away from the multiversal war that may be coming soon.

The Time Keepers

Before we get on to the theory we need to recall the following facts and events, so we can clearly understand how the whole story goes.

  • In 2012 we see Tony Stark crash-landed in Tennessee. This is an event that took place in Ironman 2, where he meets Harley Keener. Tony later gifts him a fully functional laboratory.
  • Harley shows up at Tony Starks’s funeral at the end of Avengers: Endgame.
  • Sylvie(Female Loki) sent two ‘Reset Charges’ to different places in Tennessee in the year 1999. The two places we know are Cookeville and Kingsport.
  • Coming to real life, Jonathan Majors has signed on to play Kang in Antman Quantumaia. If you look closely, his resemblance to the timekeeper standing in the middle is shown in the series ‘Loki’.
  • A reset charge does what its name suggests. It doesn’t just erase everyone in its vicinity, it essentially resets the nexus event and brings back everything into the sacred timeline.
  • Now speaking of comics, Kang is seen to be the boyfriend of Rovonna Renslayer.
  • In the comics, we also see Harley Keener becomes Iron Lad in one of the dimensions, and Iron Lad is seen to become Kang in another dimension.
  • If we watch Antman and the Wasp carefully, we will see a bubble city appears in the Quantum Realm. It is awfully similar to the TVA. Morbius has previously hinted at the fact that TVA was all science and no magic.
  • The Quantum Realm is a perfect hiding spot for operations such as the TVA.
  • We are told Quantum Realm does not follow the usual laws of nature, hence explaining why no ‘Magic’ is effective in TVA.
  • It is confirmed that the city in the quantum realm was not by accident and may have significance in the future.

The theory says that Kang has been using the TVA agents to eliminate any potential enemies and direct the future to a point where Kang becomes the all-powerful or Kang ‘The Conqueror’. The TVA agents are the ones who Kang captured and brainwashed from the main timeline. They think they are helping maintain the sacred timeline, as we get to know from Loki Episode 3. In Loki Episode 3, Sylvie says all the TVA agents were variants who wandered off the main timeline, but none of them remember their past.

Quantum Realm and TVA comapare

The theory suggests that Renslayer must be one of Kangs’ helpers in the whole plot, where she leads the TVA and keeps everything flowing smoothly. As stated earlier, we know the reset charges erase the alternate timeline that was created hence maintaining the one sacred timeline. The two charges that were reset in Tennessee were to fix the nexus events that diverged from the main timeline, in a way that Kang doesn’t want them to go.

Kang may be believing that he is guiding the timeline away from the madness of the multiverse but in doing so he has practically enslaved the variants in the TVA.

One of the flaws in this theory is that the actor who plays Kang is Black and the actor who plays Harley is White. This surely is a plot hole in this theory.

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