Kevin Feige’s Response to Reports of MCU Problems


When questioned about recent reports detailing MCU problems, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige responded in a way that was both surprising and expected.

For years, the longtime Marvel producer and visionary has proven himself a pro in keeping franchise secrets and steering clear of spoilers. In fact, Feige’s witty but discreet interview style has become part of his brand.

Kevin Feige’s Response to Reports of MCU Problems

Following recent disappointments like Quantumania’s box office bombing and the poorly-received Secret Invasion, some Hollywood pundits have been quick to claim that there is ‘Crisis at Marvel’ behind the scenes that is causing the downfall of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Feige Promises Werewolf by Night Is An Important Part Of The MCU Puzzle

When asked about such recent reports of MCU trouble on The Marvels’ red carpet event on November 7, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige’s response was two-fold in that he somewhat ignored the question from Entertainment Tonight, choosing to only focus on the franchise’s immediate “two giant things:”

“Uh, ‘The Marvels’ comes out on Friday, finale of ‘Loki’ [Season 2] on Thursday… Those are two giant things.”

But that’s not all the Marvel Studios mastermind had to say, offering an explanation for playfully trolling fans and insiders by changing the subject.

For instance, in addition to noting that Loki Season 2 and The Marvels “represents about five years of work of thousands upon thousands of people,” Feige also acknowledged he likes to “look far, far ahead, which we can’t talk about:”

“Those are two giant things that I like to look far, far ahead, which we can’t talk about, and what’s immediate, and those two projects that are unveiled to the fans within two days represents about five years of work of thousands upon thousands of people. So to me, that’s the focus.”

When reminded of his own quote, “Some people like to talk. Me, not so much,” Feige responded with, “That’s true, too.”

Why Kevin Feige’s Response Was Right for Marvel?

Even though fans have seen Kevin Feige shrewdly sidestep spoilers or redirect MCU conversations for years, it was interesting to see him do the same for rumors and news relating to behind-the-scenes studio drama.

While some may have felt trolled by Feige’s typical brand of discretion, there’s something to be said for him refusing to keep those reports in the news and redirecting the attention to the work those “thousands upon thousands” put into The Marvels and Loki Season 2.

It’s also worth noting that the Marvel Studios president pointed out current MCU projects are the result of “about five years of work,” meaning what fans have been seeing in recent months – and the issues contributing to their quality – may not be an accurate reflection of Marvel Studios today.

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