Kingdom Chapter 703 Release Date And Expectations!

Kingdom Season 4 Episode 4

Riboku comes up with a brilliant plan that manages to outwit the Qin army. So when Qin forces launch their attacks on Heiyou and Bujou, they have a handful to deal with.

Ousen and his followers find a massive block- literally Riboku’s Great Wall- to their plan of invasion when they go to scout out the area between the two castles. Below you’ll find all that we know about Kingdom Chapter 703!

Kingdom Chapter 703 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 703 is scheduled to release on Sunday, December 12th, 2021.

Recap of Kingdom Chapter 702

After being holed up in a room for two entire days figuring out his strategy to outwit Qin forces, Riboku comes up with a plan. He gathers everyone and tells them he will leave for Gian in the north and will be away for around ten days. Shun Sui Ju also gives Riboku the confirmed news that the construction near the two bastions were finalized the previous day.


Kingdom Chapter 702

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Being in charge now while Riboku is gone, Shun Sui Ju orders that Zhao troops be sent to the south, toward Bujou and Heiyou. Meanwhile, at the Zhao frontiers, near Heiyou, the Hi Shin unit celebrates the new year. Kanki’s army is set to deal with Heiyou while the Ousen army heads to Bujou.

Later, when the Qin forces reach Heiyou, they are met with an imposingly enormous castle. A siege tower, named Ko-Shun, by Han Zen of the Kanki army is brought out to help scale the huge castle walls.


Meanwhile, as attacks on both Heiyou and Bujou begin, a small group of soldiers, headed by Ousen, slips through the two castles to survey the area. Zhao’s capital, Kantan is nowhere to be seen, and a great wall stands intimidatingly gigantic in front of Ousen and his followers.

Kingdom Chapter 702

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A soldier informs Ousen that the wall runs on for 250 Li. Everyone is baffled at how such a huge construction got completed right under their nose. Ousen realizes that this is Riboku’s Great Wall. Three years ago, Riboku had ordered this massive bulwark to be constructed behind Heiyou and Bujou.


Ousen then tells a soldier to bring him a map of the entirety of Zhao. After contemplating for a while, he seems to figure out where the most crucial battle of this war would take place. He then points to Gian on the map.

Kingdom Chapter 702

What Can We Expect from Kingdom Chapter 703? 

There are no official spoilers yet. But we can expect that the Qin army will have to furiously contemplate and come up with a strategy to outwit Riboku’s ingenious plan. Qin forces must aim to either scale Riboku’s Great Wall or they may decide to go around the wall.

And if the Qin army does go around the wall, then they’d have to move up north. Riboku must have seen this as a possibility, hence, the reason he went north to study the terrain and choose the most favorable battlefield.


Where to Read Kingdom Chapter 703 Online? 

There are no legal sources to read the series from. You can access it here.

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