Kingdom Chapter 714 Raw Scans Reveal Riboku’s Tactical Genius!

Kingdom Season 4 Episode 19

Kingdom Chapter 714 Raw Scans are here and they promise a lot of action! The Qin army is approaching Gi’an and residents of the city are getting nervous. But Riboku’s icy confidence has put everyone at ease. Will there be a big upset in the battle? Will Riboku have an ace up his sleeve no one had expected? Read this article to find out everything!

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Spoilers for Kingdom Chapter 714 

  • In Kingdom Chapter 714 Raw Scans, the battle is finally heating up. The chapter opens with Gi’an and Riboku discussing their strategy. Commoners are scared of the impending fight but they also believe in Riboku’s military tactics 
  • A messenger informs Riboku and the others that the Qin army will set off at dawn. Futei says that their fate is in Riboku’s hand who is confident in his preparations. 
  • Meanwhile, Kanki’s 140,000 strong army sets out from Sekirei. 

Kingdom Chapter 714 Raw Scans

  • Riboku talks about the strategic importance of Gi’an. He says that Kanki beheaded 100,000 of their men and so if he takes over the city, they have no chance of winning and the royal family would be trapped. 
  • However, he asks them to shift their focus to protecting the northern lands. In a rousing speech, he asks them to fight for their mothers, daughters and children. The key is to not lose the north. 
  • He says that the reason they had been preparing for 18 months was to bury the Qin and Kanki forces right in Gi’an.
  • Shin is delighted that his army will have to fight on the ground instead of besieging the castle. 

Kingdom Chapter 714 Raw Scans

  • Heki’s army stops marching when the enemy comes in sight. Mouten is confused at the number of enemy soldiers coming on. The Gakuka army is stationed on the left wing. 
  • Shin Army is stationed on the right wing. Heki is at the center. Both of them are surprised at the enemy numbers. Even the Kanki soldiers are a bit put off.
  • Maron hears the news that the enemy has appeared on both the left and the right sides and Shin asks how could that be possible to which Maron has no answer. 
  • Everybody is in a state of panic as Gi’an does not have so many soldiers. Mouten feels they have been fooled by the Zhaos all along and their time has come. 

Kingdom Chapter 714 Raw Scans

  • It was Riboku’s tactical genius all along. He purposely decreased the enemy’s numbers only by so much that they won’t be dissuaded to attack Gi’an. In the past 18 months, Riboku had mobilised an army which is 310,000 soldiers strong. 

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Release Date of Kingdom Chapter 714

Kingdom Chapter 714 will be released on 4 April.

Where to read Kingdom?

There is no legal website to read Kingdom. But you can do it here. Kingdom Chapter 709 will be released in the third week of February 2022.


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