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The Kingdom anime series is a tale of historical battles mixed with court politics, romance, and action. The latest episode, Kingdom Season 3 Episode 26, was released on October 11, 2021. It marked the end of the long battle, giving fans and many characters in the Kingdom universe a huge sigh of relief. 

However, like many Shonen or Seinen anime, any peace is short-lived and signs of impending doom will appear soon. If you wish to get to know more about Kingdom Season 3 Episode 26, scroll down further for we bring you all the latest updates! 

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Kingdom Season 3 Episode 26 Release Date

The upcoming Kingdom episode will be getting released on the 18th of October 2021. Any unforeseen delays haven’t been announced and are very unlikely. 


Kingdom Season 3 Episode 25 Recap

In Episode 25, we see the Great War coming to an end as Mu Li’s army makes a quick retreat after fresh reinforcements arrive. The majesty, Zheng returns to his palace safely and is given a teary emotional welcoming embrace by Xiang, his wife. 

Xiang’s worries about what would happen to her and their son are resolved when her husband returns fulfilling his longstanding promise. The reunion is magical and heartrending. 

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The very next day, all the remaining warriors gather at the ceremony to honor the dead and remember their sacrifice. In the presence of the King and generals, Meng Ao, Zhang Tang, Huan Yi, Wang Jian, Meng Wu Teng, and Lord Biao received their awards. 


As Zheng expressed his gratitude over everyone’s participation and said a few words of wisdom about some generals who died in the war, everyone in the hall was beaming with hearty smiles and cheers. There were some discussions on evaluating the contributions of the seven generals. Out of these, one will be chosen for his extraordinary and spectacular contributions to the Great war. 

Meng Wu is the general that is awarded the prize and his regiment and men break down into applause. The remaining six generals are awarded ten treasures containing precious items and 3000 gold pieces. 

Where To Watch Kingdom

You can watch it from Funimation and AnimeLab


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