Vinland Saga Chapter 187 Release Date And Other Details


Vinland Saga is in a very interesting stage currently and fans are excitedly waiting for the next release after the latest short but lovely chapter. Cordelia seems to have been the highlight of the previous chapter and fans are speculating that maybe Yukimura is setting up Cordelia’s character for potential corruption.

If that is the case, it makes a lot of sense given that the corruption of innocence is a big theme in this series. It’s undoubtedly a very exciting time for Vinland Saga fans right now. If you’re curious about how the upcoming Chapter 187 will unfold, continue reading this!

Vinland Saga Chapter 187 Release Date

Vinland Saga manga is serialized under a monthly magazine of Kodansha. So, new releases are made in the last week of every month, around 24th-26th. The manga series was on a break in July and then, the previous Chapter 186 saw a delay back in August and was instead released in the last week of September.

Thus, as per schedule, Vinland Saga Chapter 187 will probably be out within the last week of October. We must also consider the extra time required for English translations to be available, which may take a while as well.


Recap of Vinland Saga Chapter 186

In Chapter 186 titled ‘Cordelia’s Agony’, as mentioned above, we get the sense that Cordelia‘s role is becoming more apparent in the series and she’s possibly heading towards a negative arc as she is shown being manipulated. This is something many fans did not expect but are gladly surprised about and looking forward to seeing how it gets developed further.

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There’s also the thing about Thorfinn being underestimated as usual in regards to his fighting skills and we also see Evyar considering Thorfinn as naive.



Also, his heart to heart conversation with Karli was really touching as Thorfinn is still in his journey to seek forgiveness for his sins and also encourages Karli to make amends with his friends.


There was also a rather humorous and cleverly done parallel drawn between the kids fighting and the adults fighting in the beginning of the chapter. Overall, it was an enjoyable quality chapter despite not much happening.

What are Some Expectations for Vinland Saga Chapter 187? 

From Thorfinn’s conversation with Karli, perhaps we can speculate that he may try to apologize to Hild again for her father’s death. Whether Hild will forgive him or not, that is a whole other discussion but strictly talking about Thorfinn’s growth, he’s tortured by guilt and has put in a lot of effort to repent. Also, he committed the act when he was a child so there seems to be hope for forgiveness.


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Also, Thorfinn being underestimated by Evyar and the Helmet guy may all be Yukimura slowly building up to an eventual culmination of Thorfinn revealing his formidable strength.

Where to Read Vinland Saga Online? 


You can read Vinland Saga Chapter 187 and future releases of this series after they are shortly released in Japan, by keeping up with English translations done by online fan groups. Here is a link to read Vinland Saga chapters done by Project Vinland on CatManga.


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