Kingpin’s Momentous Plane Ride In Echo’s Credits Scene


During Echo’s finale ending, Maya Lopez is forced to confront Kingpin head-on after he targets her family members.

It is here where the newly minted hero (or anti-hero) gets to show off her new ancestral power set.

Kingpin on jet in Echo

Needless to say, Wilson Fisk does not last long—and nearly has his childhood trauma healed by Maya.


The big bad scampers away, calling to mind a wounded animal. As he sits in his private jet, metaphorically licking his wounds, a thought occurs to him.

Echo NYC mayor race
Across the plane, on a monitor, the news is playing. Two news anchors are talking about how there is still no clear front-runner for the Mayoral race in New York City.

One of them goes on to say that there’s still “a window of opportunity” for the position and that “a bare-knuckled brawler” who is “not afraid to take on the establishment… would do well in this race.”

This puts an idea into Kingpin’s head, one that will set up the character’s future appearance in Daredevil: Born Again.


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