Kit Harington Discusses Blade Rumors; When Will Dane Whitman Return?

Kit Harington has denied a rumor that his MCU character, Dane Whitman, will appear in the upcoming Blade movie.

Harington’s character was first introduced in 2021’s Eternals, where he primarily served as the love interest for Gemma Chan’s character, Sersi. However, fans were treated to an exciting post-credits scene where Whitman was seen opening a box containing a dark sword, teasing his future as the Black Knight.

Right at the end of the teaser, a voice off-screen asks Whitman “Are you sure you’re ready for that?” This voice was confirmed to be that of Mahershala Ali, leading many to believe that Harington’s next Marvel appearance will be in 2025’s Blade.

Kit Harington Discusses Blade Rumors

While appearing on a panel at the Superhero Comic-Con and Car Show in San Antonio, Texas (via @BestofKitH), Kit Harington addressed rumors about his return in the MCU.

When asked whether he would be playing Black Knight in the future the actor responded “I think that’s the intention.” However, Harington went on to dispel rumors by saying that he was “never meant to be” in the Blade movie.

“The honest answer is I think that’s the intention with the character. I think there was some misunderstanding about whether he was going to be in the ‘Blade’ movie. He was never meant to be in the ‘Blade’ movie and isn’t.”

Harington continued, saying he would be interested in exploring the “mental health” and “addiction” aspects of the character:

“At this stage, I don’t know. At this stage, I hope he gets used. I know there’s some really fascinating parts of that character which would be beneficial to delve into and interesting, which is the aspects around his mental health things and specifically about addiction with that character which I think is really interesting.”

While the actor is clearly keen to return to the role, he ended his response by saying he “can’t tell you anything”:

“So I hope they use him. I hope that the Black Knight comes along. I hope that Dane Whitman is that character but, at this stage, I can’t tell you anything. But I think the intention is to develop him at some point.”

When Will Dane Whitman Return?

With an appearance in Blade out of the picture, the question is now where Kit Harington could show up next in the MCU.

There are many possible options for Dane Whitman’s next Marvel appearance, with a likely one being Eternals 2. Should Marvel green-light a sequel to Chloe Zhao’s film, it would very likely see Harington reprise his role.

At one point, Dane Whitman almost made it into Moon Knight, due to his occupation as a museum worker. This never eventuated, but with Moon Knight Season 2 being another possibility, there might be more room for Harington’s Black Knight to appear this time around.

Harington has made it clear he hopes to return to the role and take on the mantle of the Black Knight but it seems that no more information has been relayed to the actor since he last addressed these questions.

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