Lilly James Chris Evans and Dominic West: Pandemic Love Triangle Timeline


Lilly James has been in the news a lot lately, and it especially involves her dating someone or kissing someone or trying to reconcile with someone.

We are here to break it to you the things that finally led Dominic West to do a press release with his wife saying that nothing is wrong.


Lilly James is a British actress known for her role in Cinderella (2015). This pandemic cancelled summer, we got photos from the internet of her going on an ice cream date in the park with Marvel alum, Chris Evans.

Evans’ fans were so excited to see their hero finally happy, and it looked like the date was straight out of a fairy tale. Lilly James’ fans were delighted too as they saw her finally move on from Matt Smith after their on and off relationship drama since 2014.

Pandemic Romance

Chris Evans Dating Life
Chris Evans Dating Life

After the photos of her and Evans hit the internet in July sources say that James tried to work things out with Smith. One of the reasons they broke up was that both were always in the spotlight and that it was taking its toll on the relationship. Well, then dating Evans would’ve been far worse from that angle. Maybe Evans was also looking for the same that’s why they connected? God only knows.


After the July photo leak, there was no news about James and Evans. Except when Evans leaked his NSFW, and the fans started wondering who it was sent too. Since there was a text in that and it was addressed to a female, and the recent one being Lilly who dated the star, fans thought the pic was intended for her.

Old Flame

But Evans or James didn’t confirm anything needless to say the fans were in cloud nine about the pair. But not many noticed this, on the 8th of October Lilly James was in the news again. This time it wasn’t as viral like the other times. The news was about James, which said that she tried to reconcile with Matt Smith after dating Evans.

Probably she missed her old flame. But unfortunately, Smith and she decided to be friends and keep their relationship out of talk for now. That being said, it was clear that Cap was out of the picture. Don’t know what caused the breakup but looks like it was over between them.

The Affair


Now comes Dominic West, the 51-year-old actor who is married and has four kids. West was shooting a movie with Lilly James in Italy, Rome. They both were seen kissing and holding hands according to the paparazzi photos which was leaked on the 12th of October.

Eyewitnesses confirm that West was seen kissing James‘ neck stroking her hair and then after a lunch date they both went to a church nearby. While they parted ways, both couldn’t stop kissing for a while. Now don’t know, this pretty much looks like an affair to me.

But hey not judging, it’s her life. But the funny part here is to wait till I finish the story. As soon as the photos released a source close to Catherine FitzGerald said that she is utterly shocked and that there were no troubles in their marriage. But, West was seen without his wedding in all his photos in Italy on 12th.

Picture Perfect

West flew home immediately that night. On the next day morning, both FitzGerald and West came out to meet the paparazzi gathered before their house, posed for them even gave an excellent kiss to each other before them and handed over a statement saying that their marriage is stronger and that nothing is going on. They both had signed separately in that piece of paper they handed over to the press.

Now I don’t know it just looks too perfect. How would someone forgive this that soon? Obviously, it will take time for FitzGerald to forgive West. But who knows, maybe this is the new world and new regulations of Hollywood, I guess.

Anyhooo, now it looks like James, Evans are the ones left with none to date. Don’t know if they belong together but we wish both of them to find their soulmates soon.

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