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‘Logan’s Dafne Keen Wants to Return as X-23, But Would Marvel Studios Give Her the Chance?

Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is one of the most loved and unrivalled superhero movie shows of all time. So it takes a lot of time for the new actor to set his ferocity and charisma on screen—a big part of why Logan’s Dafne Keen is a pleasant surprise. As X-Men join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Keen hopes to reprise her role. But will Marvel bring her back?

‘Logan’ introduced a new version of Wolverine even amid the hero’s exit.

Logan Poster

Like Laura Kinney aka X-23, Keen was holding her own in front of Jackman. Her character expresses just as much raw emotion and energy as Wolverine. And some fans hoped Logan would give a lot more to character and performance.

Despite Logan’s dystopian setting, Keen’s X-23 serves as the perfect replacement for Jackman’s Wolverine in the MCU. New Logan is unlikely to join the MCU anytime soon. And the introduction of the next-generation Wolverine is in line with the current direction of the MCU.


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After all, Phase 4 introduces new versions of popular heroes such as Captain America, Thor and the Black Widow. So why not use this opportunity to bring Keen back as X-23? Her role as a Latina star fits Marvel’s more inclusive tone. Plus, Marvel fans already love her.

Dafne Keen has expressed interest in returning to play X-23 in the MCU.

Dafne Keen- X-23 Logan Actress

In Marvel Comics, Laura Kinney – Logan’s daughter – becomes a member of the Avengers and X-Men teams. In addition, she graduates from X-23 to fully embrace Logan’s title as the new Wolverine. Such a trajectory allows the MCU to encircle the adamantium-claw mutant. Logan then serves as her original story from the past.


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When asked if she would like to return as X-23 at MCU, Keen said: “Yeah, definitely, 100 per cent.” Her performance is one of many that fans and critics admire about Logan. And unlike other X-Men characters, X-23 is a character that no one else can play on screen. So the MCU probably won’t cast another actor.

Marvel is probably looking to reboot all the mutants for the MCU X-Men.

Laura Kinney- Logan

For now, fans fully expect the MCU to reboot the X-Men. But the series does not need to ignore every bit of the Fox series’ spiralling timeline. Evan Peters is reportedly joining MCU for the reality-bending Disney + series WandaVision.
If he is reprising his X-Men role as Quicksilver — the MCU could use Peters’ appearance to adopt a few bits of the old X-Men continuity.

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