Loki Producer Explains Why He Who Remains’ Erased Ravonna’s Memories? Who Will Be the TVA’s New Leader?

Loki Season 2 head writer and executive producer Eric Martin discussed He Who Remains’ big TVA secret that involves erasing Ravonna Renslayers’ memories.

When asked if it was part of the TVA leader’s transition to the three Time-Keepers showcase, Martin confirmed that it was, noting that he had done it to “retain power:”

“100 percent. That’s the microcosm moment for what he did to the entire TVA. He wipes everybody’s minds after he uses them to get to power. He used Renslayer. She thought they were partners, but he wiped her mind. The way that he was going to be able to retain power is to create this facade and then he stays at the Citadel at the End of Time to look over it all.”

Martin then talked about the characters’ journey in Season 2, pointing out that it all boils down to “what happens when there’s a power vacuum:”

“The way I approached it was to ask what happens when there’s a power vacuum. When the dictator has been toppled, you end up in a situation where it’s like, ‘You break it, you buy it,’ and that’s the world they’re living in now. The system has fallen apart, and now, there’s just bedlam and chaos. You have a bunch of problems you could have predicted, and you have a ton that you absolutely could not have predicted. That’s what happens in those scenarios.”

The Marvel producer then teased that Loki and the gang are still “figuring [the problems] as they go,” acknowledging that the true endgame is for them to “do something better than the last regime:”

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“You cannot predict exactly how it’s going to go, but there are going to be factions fighting for things. It’s just something you see across history. So I really approached it in that way. There are a bunch of problems that they have to face, and they don’t necessarily know what the biggest ones are yet. They’re figuring them out as they go. They’re trying to keep their head above water, and hoping they can survive long enough to form the new system and do something better than the last regime.”

Who Will Be the TVA’s New Leader?

While He Who Remains was selfish in erasing Ravonna Renslayer and the rest of the TVA agents’ memories, some would understand that he had to do it in order to preserve order for the organization.

As Loki producer Eric Martin pointed out, He Who Remains also did it to retain much-needed power not just for himself but over his other Variants.

It’s safe to say that He Who Remains’ plan worked since he managed to keep the TVA afloat for many years.

When Loki and Sylvie paid him a visit in the Loki Season 1 finale, though, his reign ended.

As it stands, it remains to be seen how Loki, Sylvie, and his TVA allies will move forward with the organization.

It is unknown if they will take a vote or assign someone who will take the reigns from He Who Remains, but there’s a strong chance that there’s no mind-wiping that will happen this time around.

Whether it’s Victor Timely or Loki himself, the Season 2 finale will likely address who will become the true leader of the TVA before time runs out.

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