Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Tease Naruto Uzumaki Vs. Delta’s Big Fight

Boruto 196th Episode

Naruto Uzumaki has become the one we always could trust when it comes to saving the village and his family, even when it’s against Delta.

Naruto and Boruto’s Sparring session

Naruto and Boruto have good training, and for the first time ever, Kawaki looks at a training session where the weak one doesn’t get beaten into shape.

Kawaki has the worst childhood, to be frank, and the boy is slowly learning how to see things normally as nothing he ever knew until now is normal.

While there are a lot of risks of having Kawaki in the Hidden Leaf, Naruto didn’t think for a second before he takes him home, and we expected nothing less from him.

While they are done with training and Kawaki roams around with the glue in his hand, we wonder when on Earth the boy will finish sticking it.

But something big happened in the preview of the next episode so, we can keep the glue aside for a while.

Boruto Challenges Naruto
Boruto Challenges Naruto

Delta grows impatient

Delta has always been the short-tempered one as far we have seen, and we know from the manga that she and Naruto have a massive fight coming up.

In the preview, we see Delta grow impatient waiting for  Koji Kashin on the outside and decides to infiltrate the village. It doesn’t last long, and she gets caught.

By the end of the 196th episode, all the Uzumaki households are back home, and the preview gives us a glimpse of them back on the field.

If it’s like the same training we saw this week, then everyone, including Himawari, will be there, and Naruto will do anything to protect them.

Is Sasuke back home?

We saw that all of a sudden, Sasuke is back home, and that also sets up with the Delta Vs. Naruto match.

If Naruto needs a hand, we know that Sasuke is in town for backup so that we can breathe freely, knowing that.

The fight is going to be intense and long, but it won’t happen in the next episode, which is named Delta.

According to some Twitter users, the 198th episode is named Monsters, and it will likely be the episode where the fight between Naruto and Delta starts.

We are excited to see this battle unfold because, in the manga, this was one epic battle.




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