Maggi-Gate: A Controversy Surrounding the Ban on Maggi

A picture of Maggi Ban

One of the most popular instant noodles on the market, Maggi is a household name. It’s a recipe that nobody can mess up as it is easy to cook and consume. However, it has recently become a recipe for disaster for its manufacturing company Nestlé.

Internal documents from the company revealed that many of its products along with Maggi do not meet the health standards for consumption. It also revealed that many of these products will never be healthy.

This is not the first time Nestlé has been under fire for its products. In 2016, after an investigation by CFL India, it was found that the product contained 1000 times more lead than what the company had claimed.

That was not all as they also found that the product contained MSG despite the company labeling the product as ‘MSG free’. This led the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India to ask Nestlé to recall Maggi.

Maggi controversy effect on its shares:

After this incident, maggi’s share in the Indian market went from 80 percent to 0 and it took almost a year for it to return to shelves in India. However, officials from Nestlé say this will not affect the sale of its products in India.

India is one of the few countries where Nestlé has local research and development facilities. It also has only 9 out of 35 billionaire brands of the company.

Nestlé India also mainly sells health and nutrition products that were deemed safe. Hence, the global row over ‘unhealthy products’ may not affect the sales of Nestlé India.

Indian Netizens quickly took up the issue on Twitter with some commenting how hard it’d be to live with the Maggi ban. Other users also questioned the FSSAI and its actions for allowing Maggi to be sold after its first ban.

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