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How Avengers: Endgame Sets Up ALL Confirmed Disney+ Shows

Disney is betting big on its 2019 streaming service called Disney Plus, and it started laying its cards on the table last week.

In a three-hour event At an investor day at the company’s Buena Vista studios in California, Disney revealed the release date, price, shows, and movies planned for its Netflix competitor.

Recent announcements for upcoming Marvel shows on Disney+ make a lot more sense after Avengers: Endgame.

Keeping in mind the events from the films, here’s how we think the conclusion of Phase 4 sets up the basic premises for the many Disney+ series heading our way within the next year.


Feige has said that this one is ‘history-spanning’, and the sort of story that could only be told in a long-form format.

Tom Hiddleston is returning as the God of Mischief, and Marvel has brought Rick and Morty writer Michael Waldron on board as showrunner.

Due to Loki’s pretty definite death in the opening ten minutes of Avengers: Infinity War, everyone assumed that this series would be from Loki’s vast, and still unexplored, past – and it still could be. This could easily be an anthology show about Loki’s various misadventures throughout history.

The Loki series could quite easily follow this Loki getting up to all manner of shenanigans across time and space, the loveable little git.

Falcon & Winter Soldier

Now, the announcement of this show was a bit of a spoiler, because it meant that both Sam Wilson and Bucky had to survive Avengers: Endgame.

Since there is no place in their shared history when this show could be set. Feige teased that the show will focus on what these two get up to outside of the Avengers.

A Scene from Captain America: Civil War

Fans know as Captain America passed on his shield to Sam at the end of Endgame, there might be the change in names. Perhaps the show will cover Sam’s transition from Falcon to feeling confident enough to fully adopt the mantle of Cap.

It will also be interesting to see how both characters cope with the loss of their friend and the new five-years-later MCU.


This one still hasn’t been confirmed by Disney. Maybe it’s simply not a done deal yet, and Jeremy Renner hasn’t signed on the dotted line. Or maybe Disney is reluctant to announce it before Endgame, seeing as confirming Hawkeye’s survival really would be a major spoiler.

Avengers Endgame Poster

This series is rumored to center on Clint training up Kate Bishop, the comics’ other Hawkeye. He has been sharing various self-titled comics with Clint since Matt Fraction and David Aja’s brilliant run.

Endgame showed Clint teaching his daughter how to use a bow and arrow, so the series could substitute her for Kate, but fans would kick up quite a fuss over that. After Endgame, Clint’s due to a good redemption story, and training up his replacement could be the perfect one.


Although every hero that got snapped away came back for the big battle at the climax of Endgame, characters that died before the snap like Vision did not.

During the closing moments of the film, we see Clint and Wanda bonding over their recent losses. Wanda tells Clint that she believes that Vision knows that they won, and she’s not just being spiritual.

Movie: Avengers Infinity War

We think this is a hint that Shuri completed her work downloading Vision’s consciousness before the snap. Now Wanda will go to any length to resurrect him, even if he’s not exactly the same man as before.

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