Man Swallows Airpod While Sleeping- Undergoes Endoscopy


Even though swallowing objects is a rare thing to do. Swallowing pebbles, magnets, coins, etc., are still very cliche. Have you ever heard someone swallow an airpod before? Neither did we. Wonder how one can swallow an airpod.

Bradford Gauthier, a resident from Worcester, Massachusetts, shared his weird and shocking experience in a Facebook post. Click here to see the post.

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One night he slept with his AirPods on. The next morning, he waked up with the airpod lodged inside the lower part of his esophagus.


In his Facebook post, the morning he woke up after swallowing the airpod in his sleep he felt fine until he went to drink water and the water was not able to get down his throat. Jokingly, his son said that maybe he swallowed it. The next thing they know is that they are in their local hospital doing an x-ray.

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The x-ray showed the same thing. Airpod was lodged in the lower part of Bradford’s esophagus. He immediately underwent an endoscopy to remove the AirPods from the inside of his body.

After the surgery, Bradford said that he did not face any severe discomfort. He was also happy with the fact that his airpod was working fine except for its microphone. But he said he would look up on Youtube to fix it.


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He is telling people not to sleep with their wireless earphones on. He also says that his experience will become a lesson to all of us.

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