Marvel Is Bringing Back The Best Loki Version

Marvel Studios has decided to bring back Loki’s best version played by Tom Hiddleston for their upcoming TV series on Disney Plus.

Who is Loki?

Loki is a character that has had one of the most colorful and varied transitions in the MCU. He first appeared in Thor, released in 2011.

Loki began as a despicable villain, who was not only extremely power-hungry but was also willing to sacrifice anyone to attain his goals.

His character evolved with every single appearance before meeting his death by Thanos in the opening sequence of Avengers: Infinity war.

The TV series:

Despite the death of his character, Marvel Studios recently announced that a TV series wherein Loki was the central character would air as part of the in-house video streaming service by Disney, known as Disney Plus.

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Tom Hiddleston will return to his role as Thor’s adopted brother in the show, which will be helmed by Michael Waldron, the acclaimed writer of Rick & Morty.

About the show:

The show is slated to premiere in the Spring of 2021. According to the sources, the show’s plot suggests that the God of Mischief will cause a lot of trouble through time and space.

Additionally, Marvel Studios has also confirmed that the version of Loki that stars in this series will be the one that was seen in Avengers: Endgame.

The story of the show:

The Loki TV series will follow on from the following events: to reverse the effects of Thanos’ snap, the Avengers decide to stage a heist of time in Endgame, touching key moments in the film to borrow the earlier versions of the different Infinity Stones.

They try to get back the Space Stone and travel back to what is left of the Battle of New York, as seen in the movie. But there is a lot that does not go as planned and Loki gets the stone and eventually escapes.

This series will be based on the villainous side of Loki, rather than the modern version of his character, which is quite a smart move by Marvel. This is because the villainous Loki is way more fun as compared to the redeemed Loki.

Additionally, the Loki of Avengers was not only unpredictable but also very conniving, which made it extremely difficult to tell what he was thinking or planning at any given time.

Why would the Loki series be a favorite?

All these qualities, combined with the amazing performance by Tom Hiddleston, were the reasons this character was a fan favorite.

Loki was also quite different from the other Marvel villains.Therefore, bringing back the 2012 Loki would give the show a clean slate, giving the makers a chance to revisit this character and develop it in a new way.

Moreover, this would offer viewers a chance to see the villain free from the influence of other villains, in the role of a protagonist.

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