Marvel Studios’ D23 Booth Reveals New Black Widow White Costume

The D23 Reveal:

At the D23 Expo 2019, Marvel Studios revealed the new white costume that Natasha Romanoff will be wearing in the upcoming MCU movie “Black Widow”.

Her character was introduced in the MCU in Iron Man 2, which released in 2010, and ever since then, fans of Black Widow have been waiting to see her in her solo film. And after 10 years of wait, fans will now get to see the Black Widow movie, which was confirmed by Kevin Feige last month at the San Diego Comic-Con.

Productions and New Costumes

Even though the film just got confirmed last month, it had gone on floors earlier this year and fans have even gotten glimpses of the movie set through shared images.

Black Widow Poster D23 Expo 2019

Recently, a new set of photos from the Black Widow movie surfaced online, showing a new costume that Scarlett Johansson will wear in the movie. This costume was grey and had black accents.

However, there are other reports which suggest that Black Widow will have another costume as well, which will be in white. Furthermore, Marvel Studios used the Walt Disney Studio Panel at the D23 Expo to not only screen footage from the film but also reveal the all-white costume to the public.

The White Costume

Marvel Studios revealed the new costume using a mannequin, after which many members of the press took videos and photos of the costume from all different angles.

According to these images, the white suit is somewhat of a spin-off to Romanoff’s basic suit. It also has black accessories, which includes leg holsters, wrist gauntlets as well as a belt.

Natasha Romanoff’s new costume is not only striking, but it also seems quite appealing when compared to her character’s usual black-colored jumpsuits.

Moreover, these will also give her action sequences more dimension and form, as well as more visually dynamic. Regardless, it is still not clear as to how much she will be wearing this suit in the movie.

For now, fans will have to wait to see Romanoff in action wearing the white costume till Marvel Studios releases the trailer of Black Widow.

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