Marvel: Will Loki Appear in Spider-Man 3 and Multiverse of Madness?

Strongest Sorcerer Supreme: Loki or Doctor Strange?

With each passing day, we get more and more new information about Marvel phase 4 than we were prepared for, and it has made 2020 a little less miserable.

Intertwined Phase 4

Ever since Disney Investors meet got over, and Marvel announced the myriad of new shows and Films, we as fans have been over-excited but at the same time confused on how each of them connects.

Maybe some of you were smart enough to get at least an idea of what each show will be about but have no clue how all of it connects to each other. We know one thing about Marvel for sure that it never even plays an ad without any reason.

Every movie or part in MCU has always been intertwined from the start, even before Avengers released. So, we know one thing for sure, and Kevin Feige just confirmed that again when he spoke to Emmy Magazine for the WandaVision promotion. That every phase 4 will obviously be connected.

Does the Loki trailer indicate this?


While reading, something hit in my rather dormant mind…Loki, whoever saw Loki Trailer will be confused but would’ve gotten a picture of what to expect at least a little. While Kevin Feige said he is not even going to tell us what to expect from Loki or what it is about…we might have some clue as to how the series will connect to two other phases 4 movies.

There have been rumors that Loki will make an appearance in Spider-Man 3 and Multiverse of Madness for some time now. But what we thought would be his role was that god of mischief is trying to trick Peter Parker in Spider-man 3 and Loki being chased by Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness for creating trouble with Tesseract.

TVA Agent!

But it looks like Loki might be in the two movies after all but with something not many expected. This is purely based on speculation but does have a point; read-only at your own risk!

In Loki Trailer, we see at first that Loki is being taken as a prisoner inside the TVA, and obviously, the number of charges against him would’ve been humongous. But in the end, we see him recruited by TVA, and he is going on missions.

Even though we are not sure that’s how it plays, we might have a theory on how his role in both films will change if that’s the case.

TVA’s New Bidder


If Loki is a TVA agent now or at least helping them clear up other Time Traveling messes as a way to atone for his sins, we might then see Loki in every movie related to Multiverse because he will probably be there to do TVA’s bidding.

If that’s the case, then we might get to see a relatively not so evil Loki in the movies, which will kind of resemble the guy who was killed in Infinity War.

Now, all of these are based on the fact that TVA keeps recruiting Loki, so there are chances Loki might pull a fast one, and they might get pissed and send him back. No matter what, we have a pretty good idea that Loki will be in many of the Phase 4 movies

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