Thor: Love and Thunder Will See Cameos From Other MCU Franchise


We know you have heard a lot of rumors by now and are already tired like, “Now what?” but believe me when I say this is legit.

Life of a Marvel Actor

Tessa Thompson did just a small interview to promote her new movie Sylvie’s Love, and let me tell you; we have more news about Marvel from the interview than the movie she was promoting.

While being a Marvel actor is a 24/7 job as we know fans will take clues and start speculation with just a small change in the actor’s hair, let’s just say Sylvie’s Love is getting a free promotion, thanks to Marvel fans.

What’s the Update?


Now, to the reason why I started writing this article, when asked about the new Thor: Love and Thunder movie, even though Tessa Thompson was reluctant at the start, she finally ended up telling a lot of them by the end.

While she made a statement that she already read the script and that it is hilarious and emotional at the same time, she went on to reveal that many actors from the past and current MCU timeline will be making an appearance in the movie.

Avengers 5 Movie indeed!

While we already heard from a reliable insider that Thor: Love and Thunder will be like an Avengers 5 movie, we might now have an indirect confirmation with what Tessa Thompson had said.

“ I’d say there’s some cool stuff going on. We have some new characters; we have some folks potentially from other pockets of the MCU. And then we have some folks, maybe, that we’ve seen before.”

If that’s true, then with the already confirmed appearance of the Guardians of the Galaxy crew, maybe we will get to see more Avengers making an appearance in the movie.

After all, with the legendary dialogue of Captain America in Endgame, we knew that every person in the movie had been christened as an Avenger.

Avengers, Assemble!



So, anyone in that massive army might appear, or many from that army might appear. After all, Gorr, the God Butcher in the comics, is brutal and ruthless and will stop at nothing from killing every God known to man and to live in the Universe.

Maybe the threat of God Butcher is so significant that Thor needed help from every Avenger he could? Maybe like in ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home,’ Nick Fury will come and demonstrate a slide show on where every Avenger is and who all are ready to battle with Thor to Kill Gorr?

We knew that the moment we saw Christian Bale sign for the role that it will be legendary. Because to make the actor come back to the comic book movies was deemed impossible by many.

So, what is it? Is Earth in trouble again? Will Gorr dare to destroy Earth just so to make Thor show his face? Because, according to the comics, he is capable of doing so!

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