MCU Phase 4: 5 Villains Who Could Actually Replace Thanos


AVENGERS ENDGAME sees Thanos as the big bad. Endgame brought an end to many things, characters, villians and stories. Everyone after Endgame had deep emotions for losing Iron Man. But none of them had cared about Thanos. He’s no more a part of Marvel as villian.

Ever since we saw his big grin at the end of the first Avengers movie in 2012, Thanos has been lurking in the background. So Marvel might not want to rush their next one in immediately. The MCU has patiently built their world and linked their characters together, so don’t expect a ‘new Thanos’ right away.Marvel certainly has a very deep bench when it comes to bad guys and gals. Even if all the ones listed here can’t be the next big big bad, they can still challenge the heroes in solo movies.



Both Galactus and Thanos are ruthless in their goals, but Galactus poses a completely different set of problems. Eating planets whole is a more monumental threat too. The snap is one distinct action, but there’s lots of planets out there for Galactus to destroy.

Endgame may leave them decimated and vulnerable while villains’ powers can always be punched up. That is reason Galactus has long been muted as the next overarching villain is because he’s one of the few in Marvel’s stable that outgun the Mad Titan.

Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom

Whoever replaces Thanos will need presence, gravitas, and a spine chilling air of threat. Doctor Doom has all three in spades, and is the perfect replacement for the Mad Titan.His genius level intellect might force the best out of Reed Richards, Shuri, Peter Parker, Bruce Banner and Doctor Strange too, with Doom much more malevolent than Thanos.With the MCU gaining access to the Four through Disney’s merger with Fox, they’d be fools not to use them. Bryan Cranston is capable of nuance too. Walter White more than prepared him for the role of Victor Von Doom if Marvel turn his way.


Death bird

Deathbird offers a way to bridge the gap. As a Shi’ar, she has close links to Skulls and Krees too. A brutal and evil woman, Deathbird was exiled after murdering her mother and sister. With beautiful wings and razor sharp talons, she’d certainly make for a cinematic villain too.With Disney’s acquisition of Fox, it’s surely only a matter of time until the X-Men join the MCU.

Still there’s time for Dark Phoenix to get released which may create problem of casting in Marvel. There’s the obvious temptation to add Magneto or Mystique to the villain roster straight away, but a more nuanced approach may be best.

Michael Korvac

Marvel's Michael KORVAC

Korvac is a computer technician who betrays humanity to collaborate with the reptilian Brotherhood Of Badoon overthrowing Earth. Given Yon-Rogg is still alive and wants vengeance on Danvers, the Badoon could become the Kree.However, his motivation may be too Thanos-like there.

Imbued with the Power Cosmic, Korvac attempts to turn Earth into a utopia. With his experience from both Star Wars and Deus Ex Machina, the Irish actor has a creepy, lurking quality without being physically imposing.

Kang The Conqueror

Kang The Conqueror

Kang is an interesting character to set against Marvel’s current crop, as he has no superhuman abilities. His ability to be treacherous, cruel, arrogant, manipulative and highly intelligent means he’d surely be one of the first phone calls Marvel makes.Although Disney do seem to own every property going these days, they have enough Marvel characters that a Simpsons crossover isn’t required quite yet. With access to weaponry from any era, Kang the Conquerer would definitely keep the Avengers on their toes. The Reality Stone was only utilised briefly by Thanos; Kang offers much more creativity.

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