MCU: She-Hulk Theory Reveals 1 Skrull Hiding In Plain Sight

Last year, it was reported that Ginger Gonzaga would play Jennifer Walters’ best friend in She-Hulk: The Lawyer, which premiered on Disney Plus. Through the promotional tour It quickly became clear that Gonzaga would play the main character Nikki Ramos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but what if she was hiding in plain sight from the comics?

The next live-action show after She-Hulk is Secret Invasion, which revolves around the comic book event of the same name. In that story, the planet was taken over by the Skrulls, one of which may be Nikki Ramos.

There is even reason to believe that in this case it is the skull connected to Jennifer in the comics. Does Nikki Ramos still have it?
She-Hulk, Nikki Ramos’ lawyer, is in hiding
He is the Hulk
Nikki Ramos never gave the audience the impression that she was anything but herself in Hulk: Lawyer. But there may be one or two, admittedly slim, pieces of evidence that she was a comic character.

Instead of Nikki Ramos being an original character created for She-Hulk, she could be a Skrull from the comics named Jacinda. In comics, she worked with She-Hulk as a bail enforcement agent before being embroiled in the “Secret Invasion” comic event.

Jazinda, Skrull, She-Hulk, Comic Panel
“She-Hulk” (2005) – Issue #23
However, what makes Jazinda a bit more special as a Skrull is that she is the daughter of the famed Super Skrull, Kl’rt, a character who could be appearing in the upcoming Disney+ adaptation of “Secret Invasion.”

Super Skrull, Kl’rt, Jazinda, She-Hulk, Comic Panels
“She-Hulk” (2005) — Issue #24
As for the plausible evidence in the show itself, Nikki seems abnormally collected regarding the weirder things in Jennifer’s life. Still, a lot of weird stuff has happened in the MCU over the last decade, so he’s probably used to it.

A possible source is Nikki’s insistence and support for Jennifer to become She-Hulk and become She-Hulk, which was the theme of Jacinda’s first She-Hulk, played by Peter David. Jacinda, She-Hulk, Jennifer Walters, Comic Book Panel
“Kososo” (2005) – Theme number 25
Of course, it can be the support of a normal person’s best friend. Also, it would make Jacinda a hypocrite, but in the comics, the Skrull kept secrets from Jennifer. One of these mysteries may be the impending invasion of the Skrulls.

Connection to Secret Invasion? The following Live-Akshans Disney+ Marvel Studios series is officially designated as a “crossover-public series”. So it is not surprising that the audience will give a reminder of the move before the release of the series.

Scrend, Wandavis, Post Screen
In addition, the first Disney+ Marvel+ sell studio ended in a post -created scene, which testifies to Monica Rambi’s Bible about something in space. So it’s only fitting that She-Hulk: Attorney Attorney ends with another Skrull appearance from Nikki Ramos as a final reminder to viewers.

Could Nikki Ramos be a secret Skrull, especially Jacinda? Not particularly. However, the latest evidence in the form of a possible comic book collaboration could point to Jacinda moving into the MCU soon. Straight image
“Jennnis -well: Captain Marvel” (2022) -waliot # 2
Suddenly, after 12 years of comics, in August 2022, Jasinda returned to “Jenice-Well: Captain Marvel”.

Jazinda, Skrull, She-Hulk, Comic Panel

Nikki’s expression as a comic book character will certainly be a great expression. However, such expectations are a trap, and lead writer Jessica Kao advised fans to stay away from the show.

Fans can continue to watch She-Hulk: Attorney at Law on Thursday on Disney+.

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