Mieruko-chan Episode 11 Release Date And Spoilers


The last episode teased us with some creepy shots of Zen Tohno and his true nature and thirst for killing cats in the area. Meanwhile, Miko encounters a spirit disguised as a human who sees through her and realizes that Miko can see ghosts. But the identical shrine spirits appear just at the right time to save her. Below you’ll find all that we know about Mieruko-chan Episode 11!

Mieruko-chan Episode 11 Release Date

Mieruko-chan Episode 11 is scheduled to release on Sunday, December 12th, 2021.

Recap of Mieruko-chan Episode 10

Episode 10 begins with a neighbor bringing some beef stew over to Zen Tohno. She catches sight of blood on his hand and asks him the reason to which he replies that he just broke a cup. But we all know that something much more sinister is afoot. The whole creepy vibe is amped up even further with the neighbour talking about the number of crows increasing lately while cats were getting lesser.

Mieruko-chan Episode 11


At school, during Tohno’s class, Miko is made to read and she stutters over the words, panicking because she just saw the huge monster from the previous episode entering Tohno’s body. Tohno and the monster suspiciously stare at Miko and the moment is getting more tense by the second, but fortunately, she is saved by Hana’s stomach growling as she’s hungry.

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Miko takes the opportunity and volunteers herself to be the one to take Hana to the infirmary. Seeing the two pass by her class on the way to the infirmary, Yuria shows up too. She talks about life force in front of Hana and Miko is alarmed to know that Yuria can see Hana’s life force. Miko gathers that Hana’s voracious appetite may be related to her having the tendency to attract supernatural beings to herself.

Meanwhile, Yuria wrongly assumes that Miko is angry at her for discussing such things with Hana who clearly seems to have no idea about it all. But in truth, Miko is genuinely curious about the whole thing and she asks Yuria if they can talk for a while. Yuria remembers the time when she thought Miko was choking her and she runs off with an excuse; it’s understandable why she doesn’t want to talk alone with just Miko.


Later at a park, as Hana eats up to fill her hunger, Miko wonders whether Hana had always been similarly affected before Miko could even see supernatural stuff. Miko then ponders how long she could keep this act up and continue ignoring these ghosts and monsters and she’s torn about whether that’s the right thing to do.

Suddenly she waves at a little boy with a yellow balloon waving at her and she waves back. But the boy turns out to not be human as it reverts back to an ugly grotesque form and exclaims that Miko saw.

Mieruko-chan Episode 11

With that, the ghost immediately charges at her at full speed. Just then, the two identical spirits from the shrine appear in front of Miko and protect her from the ghost.


As one of them slashes the ghost’s arms, the ghost retaliates by stomping on the shrine spirit’s body. The other spirit then attacks the ghosts’s head, effectively knocking it out. With the whole thing now wrapped up, one of the remaining shrine spirits signals two with its fingers. Realization hits Miko that the beastly god entity had said “thrice” to her when she went to the shrine. She wonders if this means that the spirits would protect her from the creepy supernatural beings three times.

Mieruko-chan Episode 11

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She’s been saved by them twice already so that means she has only one time left.The episode ends with two of Miko’s classmates coming across a hooded figure who’s on their way to harm a stray cat. The hooded figure could be Zen Tohno.


What Can We Expect from Mieruko-chan Episode 11?

The title of the upcoming episode is “I See”. The narrator in the preview talks about how a person’s true fear manifests in reality when they least expect it and then this will set off a chain reaction, where the next fear then shows up too.

Where to Watch Mieruko-chan Episode 11 Online? 

You can stream the series on sites such as Funimation. It is also available on Wakanim in Scandinavian countries. You can also watch the latest episodes on iQIYI and Muse Asia’s YouTube channel.


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