Money Heist 5- Who’s The Bigger Threat; Arturo or Gandia?

Money Heist S5

When we talk about villains from the show, Money Heist S5, the two people that come to mind are Gandia and Arturito.

Right from the beginning of S1, Arturo Roman has been a troublemaker. Fans have wished that this character is eliminated due to their hatred towards the same. Arturo is a character who cheats, is a fraudster, is manipulative, over his head and is an agitator. From waging fights among the members of gang, to organizing coups against them, he has been the mastermind behind it all.

(Spoiler ahead)


In part one of the latest season (S5) Arturo crosses a line. He hijacks the team’s weaponry and Armory and wages war against them within the bank. Does he succeed in getting out of the bank alive or is this the end to one of the most disliked characters of the show? Watch Money Heist season 5 on Netflix.

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Now coming to Gandia, a brutal, mindless beast who kills without remorse is the architect behind Nairobi’s death in Season4.  Gandia was the sole reason of tension and chaos in season 4 and continues to be a threat in S5. With the help of Sagasta, a merciless army leader, Gandia and Sagasta wage a war within the bank of Spain. Will the team come out victorious? Or will they go down fighting?  Keep watching to find out.

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