Most Shocking Moments in Chainsaw Man

Here is everything you need to know about the most shocking moments in Chainsaw Man.

Denji Set Himself On FireDenji Set Himself On Fire

During the Hell story arc, protagonist Denji and his friends face a variety of brutal foes. It includes the mysterious villain known only as Santa Claus. Fighting Santa Claus involved plenty of bizarre twists and shocking moments, including the scene where Denji sets himself on fire.

It may be on-brand for Denji to use reckless, resourceful tactics to fight his enemies, but even so, no one expected Denji to self-immolate to negate Santa’s use of the darkness devil’s powers. Fortunately, no lasting damage was done by this destructive technique.

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Power’s Betrayal of DenjiPower's Betrayal of Denji

It was evident right away that the horned fiend Power was a rough antihero who’d do anything to win. But even so, Chainsaw Man fans probably didn’t expect Power, Denji’s new devil hunter ally, to betray him so abruptly and so soon in the story.

Power asked Denji to confront the bat devil on her behalf. Then Power sold him out to the winged devil without a second thought. This shocking betrayal became even more bizarre when the bat devil turned on Power too.

Denji and Power Are Sent to HellDenji and Power Are Sent to Hell

Partway through the International Assassins story arc, a giant hand emerged from thin air and slammed its palm down. Denji and his friends and enemies alike ended up in Hell, an eerie place with countless doors for a ceiling and a grassy field.

It was shocking enough to see Hell itself, but it was even stranger to see the feuding parties call a ceasefire so they could figure out what to do. Then the nightmarish dark devil arrived, heralded by praying astronauts buried waist-deep in the ground, before the arrival of Santa Claus.

Makima Kills PowerMakima Kills Power

After a point, it became clear that Makima, Denji’s Kuudere boss, was a dangerous and villainous person. In one scene, Denji was already in Makima’s apartment when Power came calling, offering a cake. Makima commented lightly on that, then casually made her murderous move.

Denji could only stare in numb shock, and he remained that way for quite some time. Neither he nor Makima commented on what happened, making that shocking betrayal all the more surreal and unnerving. It would take some time until Denji was ready to fight Makima and finally end her rampage.

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Aki Becomes A Gun FiendAki Becomes A Gun Fiend

Denji’s tsundere teammate Aki Hayakawa had a contract with the fox devil and had particular hatred for the gun devil, the massive devil that killed his family. For a time, Denji thought he’d get a chance to fight that horrific devil, but the gun devil made its move first.

One day, Denji answered the door, and there stood Aki, with an oversized pistol emerging from his head. It was a tragic twist of fate that helped Chainsaw Man fans realize that anytime Denji opens a door, something horrible will soon happen.

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