Most Unpredictable Vinland Saga Characters

Here are the most unpredictable Vinland Saga characters.

Bug-Eyes Thorfinn Gambles & Has A Vivid ImaginationBug-Eyes Thorfinn Gambles & Has A Vivid Imagination

Bug-Eyes Thorfinn can be fairly reliable and dependable when he needs to be. He is also rather impulsive, though, and his imagination might get the best of him. Thorfinn once dreamed he saw a giant sea monster, and he woke up shouting about it, for example.

He also ran off to gamble shortly before that trip and rashly got involved with a deceptive lady who took all his money. Now Bug-Eyes Thorfinn has learned to think twice before indulging in whimsical fun.

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Fox Impulsively Asked Olmar To Kill Two SlavesFox Impulsively Asked Olmar To Kill Two Slaves

Fox is one of several warriors whom Ketil hired to protect his farm in Denmark. He and his fellows are hardly noble guardians of peace. They are all dishonest ruffians who tend to gamble and drink the days away. Fox and the other guards will say or do anything to anyone who crosses them.

Worst of all, Fox lured Thorfinn and Einar to the guards’ area so Olmar could get a chance to personally kill them and prove his manhood. Ketil would never approve of such a cruel and wasteful idea, but the unpredictable Fox thought it was perfect.

Thorfinn Karlsefni Has Totally Changed His WaysThorfinn Karlsefni Has Totally Changed His Ways

Thorfinn Karlsefni is fairly unpredictable and prone to drastically changing his mind about things. No one would have expected that happy child to become a rage-filled killer. Nor did they expect that same killer to become a lover of peace.

Thorfinn was reliable in Askeladd’s eyes. But on the battlefield, Thorfinn’s enemies could never predict what this petite warrior would do next. He confronts Thorkell directly in London and later shocked Fox when he fearlessly volunteered to get killed at swordpoint.

Thorkell Will Fight For Anyone Who Gives Him What He WantsThorkell Will Fight For Anyone Who Gives Him What He Wants

Thorkell is a famously brutish Viking warrior who always resorts to violence. The only predictable thing about Thorkell is that he will go wherever the action is. Once the fighting starts, Thorkell will do whatever he must to find and defeat the strongest enemies of all.

Thorkell is a true mercenary at heart and may switch sides several times in a war if it suits his needs. He also likes to judge people for himself.

Garm Is Chaotic & Downright Bizarre At TimesGarm Is Chaotic & Downright Bizarre At Times

Garm is a spear-wielding warrior who lives only for combat and the thrill of killing. This made Garm Thorfinn’s worst nemesis in the post-farm story arc. There was no telling where Garm would go or what he’d do next.

Garm lacks restraint, he rarely plans ahead but is notoriously skilled. Instead, he will chase after anyone or anything that provides him with some bloody fun. He also bewildered Thorfinn when, after they clashed, Garm declared that he and Thorfinn were friends.

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