Bleach: Why Are The Vizards So Disappointing?

Bleach: Why Are The Vizards So Disappointing?

Bleach is indeed one of the most popular anime series all around the world. Moreover, it is especially known for having diverse characters including a group called the Vizards.

Bleach: Why Are The Vizards So Disappointing?

Who are The Vizards in Bleach?

The Vizards are a diverse group of people made up of eight Shinigami. They have acquired Hollow powers owing to Aizen’s Hollowification experiments.

Additionally, they are the former captains and Lieutenants of Gotei-13. However, they were sentenced to death after it came to light that they had committed the taboo of obtaining Hollow powers.

The members of the Visored clan include Sarugaki Hiyori, Muguruma Kensei, Yadoumaru Lisa, Aikawa Love, Kuna Mashiro, Outoribashi Roujuurou (aka Rose), Hirako Shinji, and Hachigen Ushōda.

Why are The Vizards so disappointing?

The Vizards initially appeared in the Bleach manga series to train Ichigo Kurosaki to correctly use his Hollowfication powers.

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Moreover, fans were expecting this exclusive group to make a significant impact in the battle during the Thousand Years Blood War final arc. However, Bleach’s fanbase faced a huge disappointment when the powers of the Vizards were not utilized to their full capacity.

In addition, viewers were disappointed to see that the Vizard captains did not use their Hollow Masks throughout the entire final arc.

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For the unversed, the Vizards can have access to their Hollow powers when they wear their masks. Subsequently, they can gain additional abilities like power speed.

Hence, fans could not help but wonder why the manga writer Tite Kubo did not let the Vizards use this power which could have been used to great advantage when they went against their foe.

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About: Bleach: Thousand Years Blood War

Bleach: Thousand Years Blood War is the final arc of the Bleach franchise. This particularly centers around Yhwach, Quincies’ leader, declaring war against the Soul Society.

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