Anime Mysteries That Were Never Solved (Fans Obviously Hate It)

Anime Mysteries That Were Never Solved

In anime, mysteries are often used to build intrigue or suspense in the plot. This is a great way to get audiences engaged. Since it provides them with a layer of intellectual rigor and challenge. Here are the Anime Mysteries that were never solved.

No One Knows Exactly What The Void Century Entails (One Piece)The Void Century Entails Unsolved Anime Mysteries

As its name suggests, the void century is a 100-year time span where all history was erased. Though little is known about what happened, one thing is certain. By the conclusion of the era, Im came to power, and the World Government’s legitimacy was officially acknowledged.

It stands to reason that brutal crimes were committed and erased in order to validate the World Government’s new station. Regardless, it remains a mystery until built upon further.

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The Identity Of midoriya’s Father Remains A Mystery (My Hero Academia)Midoriya Anime Mysteries That Were Never Solved

Izuku Midoriya grew up without a father, which made him see All Might as a surrogate parent. After the formal meeting, the two made an even stronger connection, which helped them have a strong mentor and student relationship. However, Midoriya’s biological father has never actually been addressed.

Given the series’ parallels with Star Wars, many fans speculate that it could be All For One, especially given his relationship with Daruma as the family physician.

Kabuto Somehow Managed To Procure An Army Of Corpses (Naruto)Kabuto Anime Mysteries That Were Never Solved

The Fourth Shinobi War involved hundreds of Edo Tensei warriors clashing against the Allied Forces. However, given what the series has conveyed about resurrecting the dead, it would cause serious complications. For example, Kabuto should have been detected at least once, having defiled numerous Kage graves.

Even if he managed to get away with the first grave-robbing trip, tightened security should have prevented subsequent ones. It was never revealed how he stole enough living bodies to use as sacrifices for his armies.

Misa Amane’s Fate After Light’s Death Remained Ambiguous (Death Note)Misa Amane Unsolved Anime Mysteries

Death Note ended almost immediately after Light’s demise. Although giving viewers a glimpse of a lonely and forlorn Misa, the series does not adequately explain what happened to her. Since she used the shinigami eyes, her life has been effectively halved.

Additionally, the Japanese Task Force knew there were two Kiras at one point and that she was closely related to him. It remains unknown if Misa got arrested as an accomplice, or if she was somehow able to evade justice.

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Paradis’ Ultimate Fate Remains A Mystery (Attack On Titan)

After the Rumbling, Paradis and the remaining world population had an uneasy truce for a time. The vengeful families of the fallen later visited the island and bombed it into smoldering rubble.  It is strongly implied that the Source of All Living Matter, what gave Ymir her original powers, reawakened as a result of this carnage.

However, audiences never saw the final fate of Paradis, if the titans returned, or if the Eldians finally went extinct, something they desperately fought to avoid.

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