Most Honorable Vinland Saga Characters, Ranked

Here is everything you need to know about the most honorable Vinland Saga Characters, ranked.

Leif Ericson Looks Out For OthersLeif Ericson Looks Out For Others

Leif Ericson is no warrior, but he is a highly skilled and experienced navigator and sailor who once made it to the New World. He befriended the natives and returned with a headdress and pipe. He only plays a supporting role, but at least he’s honorable about it.

He felt terrible about Thors’ death and sword to find and rescue the lonely Thorfinn, though it took years for them to meet up again. Now Leif is too old to travel and instead supports Thorfinn in spirit from his farm on Greenland.

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Snake Encouraged Thorfinn To Not Give UpSnake Encouraged Thorfinn To Not Give Up

The punkish Olmar and the dishonorable Fox tormented Thorfinn and Einar. Snake isn’t Thorfinn’s new friend or foster father. He does believe in fairness and won’t let people be tortured or killed for fun.

Snake also encouraged Thorfinn to believe in himself, mostly by forcing Thorfinn to perform self-defense in a brief duel. With that single action, Snake taught Thorfinn to value his own life and make something of it. Snake knew it was too soon for Thorfinn to give up on everything.

Ragnar Was Canute’s Reliable BodyguardRagnar Was Canute's Reliable Bodyguard

Ragnar was Canute’s loyal and dependable bodyguard. He was tough with Canute’s enemies and gentle with the prince himself. Ragnar ranks among Vinland Saga’s most honorable characters. He selflessly puts his duty first and is perfectly trustworthy and reliable.

Ragnar sometimes clashed with Askeladd and Thorfinn concerning Canute’s safety. He later died, but fortunately, Askeladd stepped up to protect Canute in his place.

Thorfinn Karlsefni Had An Honorable RedemptionThorfinn Karlsefni Had An Honorable Redemption

The antihero Thorfinn Karlsefni was anything but honorable during his Askeladd days. Coldly mocking or attacking anyone who got in the way of his revenge quest. Then he did some serious introspection on Ketil’s farm and was reborn as a pacifist who sought to create Vinland at last.

Thorfinn could still defend himself, but he wisely favored cooperation, understanding, and peace over war. He also sought to atone for his many crimes, most of all to Hild. He became an inspiring, selfless leader for the Vinland colonization effort.

Thors Snorresson Fought & Died For HonorThors Snorresson Fought & Died For Honor

Thors Snorresson was once a Jomsviking, but his sense of honor differed from that of his fellows. He abandoned the senseless slaughter of war and fled to Iceland with his new bride, Helga, to raise a peaceful family. Thors’ sense of honor meant more to him than his very life.

When Askeladd cornered his crew in the Faroe Islands, Thors fought all of Askeladd’s men in his own crew’s place, and he did it all bare-handed. Thors didn’t even protest when Askeladd’s archers shot him. Instead, Thors requested that Askeladd let his people go in peace, putting others first even if it meant dying.

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