My Hero Academia Season 6 Confirmed To Be In Production

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My Hero Academia Season 5 ended with Shigaraki Tomura being revealed as the main villain of the show. We also learned a lot more about his traumatic past and how he’s still afraid of the tremendousness of his power. However, at this point, because of his murders and ruthlessness, he’s turned into an unforgivable monster. 

It’s almost 100% sure that we’ll have Shigaraki as the main villain in Season 6. We saw how the previous season showed all the members of Class 1A and the villains undergoing rigorous training to improve their skills. 

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The stakes are getting much higher as the villains are preparing to make a planned assault on the Heroes. There will be a massive war between the two sides and the destruction will be unprecedented. 

Recently, the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump confirmed that Season 6 is in production in its latest issue. If you wish to know more about My Hero Academia Season 6, read further! 

My Hero Academia Season 6 Release Date


My Hero Academia Season 6 will be getting released either in March or April 2022. However, there are still many details that we don’t know yet. 

Paranormal Liberation War Arc: Shigaraki VS Deku

The announcement of the sixth season shows us pictures of Deku and Shigaraki. Alongside their pics, we see a line that clearly tells us: “The war between heroes and villains is approaching”. This is obviously referring to the Paranormal Liberation War Arc. 

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The eternal hype between the two diametrically opposed characters is highlighted by their two quotes. On Shigaraki’s side, there’s a quote that says “I’ll destroy everything” while Deku’s one says that he’ll use everything in his power to stop Shigaraki from committing his crimes. 


While we saw the villains becoming stronger and asserting their dominance more aggressively in Season 5, not all hope is lost. Tomura was able to level up his quirk, resulting in him being able to inflict greater amounts of destruction and Twice overcoming his trauma-ridden past 

In Season 6, we’ll live to see many old enemies come back to seek vengeance against our dear Deku. 


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