My Hero Academia Chapter 337 Release Date and Spoilers: The Traitor

Yuga Aoyama: The Traitor In My Hero Academia

As Class 1A members train for their final encounter with the Villains, hopes for victory are countered by the slowly dawning realization that the Villains have everything in their hands to call the shots. The tragic story of the traitor amidst their ranks is revealed as the traitor cries and pleads for forgiveness.

The plot has thickened further as we fans hunger for more developments. All of this will be revealed in My Hero Academia Chapter 337. Keep reading this article for more details.

My Hero Academia Chapter 337 Release Date 

My Hero Academia Chapter 337 will get released on December 12, 2021. News of it getting delayed hasn’t been announced yet. So, we can keep waiting for the upcoming chapter.

My Hero Academia Chapter 336 Recap

Class 1A is undergoing rigorous training in the UA grounds. Katsuki proudly announces his ability to “build and release” which has enabled him to create multiple explosions all at once. Shoto can control both his left and right halves equally, making him immune to Dabi’s burn technique.

Denki tells Minoru that since “Tomura” and All For One have become weak and Gigantomachia is sedated, they have greater chances of defeating the villains. However, Katsuki disagrees and cites three reasons as to why that won’t happen.

Denki Kaminari
Denki Kaminari

Three Reasons Why The Heroes Can’t Defeat The Villains Easily

Firstly, they couldn’t find the sneaky “Tomura” even after searching all the hideouts and thus, a confrontation now would be highly unlikely. Secondly, “Tomura” was still fully not formed and the Heroes have lost half of their men.

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Thirdly, the Villains will be the ones who decide when the battle starts and have been pooling in more help and resources to aid their side. However, Izuku reminds them that they can at least influence the terms on which they enter the fight and decides to take a walk around the campus.

Toru’s Investigation and His Suspicions

Meanwhile, Toru is busy investigating a person who raised his suspicions since that guy has been looking sad and hasn’t smiled once since Izuku came back. He manages to hear two voices from a distance telling someone that they’ve received orders from “Tomura” and preaches the need to follow them.

The traitor is revealed to be Yuga Aoyama, who cries as he learns that his parents will be murdered if he doesn’t carry out these orders. Toru is left speechless after he finds out the traitor’s identity.

Yuga Aoyama
Yuga Aoyama

As Yuga expresses his reluctance, his parents assure him that he has done a good job previously of letting out the location of the training camp to Tomura without getting caught. They tell about how all they wanted was for him to be happy, but that because he was born Quirk-less, they couldn’t bear to see him get ostracized by the rest of the world. 

They swear they wouldn’t have done it if they’d known how horrible it might go, but once they obtained his Quirk from All For One, they were permanently bound to follow his twisted plans with no way out.

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Yuga Aoyama: The Traitor In My Hero Academia Chapter 336
Yuga Aoyama: The Traitor

Yuga cries and expresses how guilty he has been feeling while trying not to get caught. He tells his parents how he merely wants his parents to be free from harm as they desperately ask him to forgive him. 

Izuku Finds Out Yuga Is The Traitor

Their shared emotional outburst is interrupted by the arrival of Toru and Izuku, who has been informed about the traitor’s identity. While his parents pretend to be ignorant, Yuga regretfully discloses to Izuku that he aided the League during both the U.S.J. Incident and the Training Camp, calling himself a “despicable villain.”

Yuga Aoyama: The Traitor In My Hero Academia Chapter 336
Yuga Aoyama: The Traitor

My Hero Academia Chapter 337 Spoilers

We have to wait for some more days for the raw scans of MHA Chapter 337 to get released. However, it’s likely that the fate of Yuga will be revealed soon.

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