My Hero Academia Season 5: Who is Re Destro?

The fifth season of Boku no Hero Academia will introduce us to a new group of villains. One of them is Re Destro, the new great threat that will once again put the society of heroes in check after the retirement of All Might, the symbol of peace.

Re Destro is actually Rikiya Yotsubashi, the president of the Detnerat Company, which is in charge of selling support equipment for both heroes and civilians. Although at first it seems that this is simply another greedy businessman, in reality his intentions behind his business are way bigger.

Behind Detnerat exists the organization known as the Paranormal Liberation Front. These, contrary to what one might think, are not villains nor do they seek to affect civil society. On the contrary, what they seek is to make people capable of defending themselves without having to depend on the heroes.

This is a philosophy that Yotsubashi took from Destro, his father, who left a manifesto in which he sought to destroy the status quo and allow freedom to the people, without having to be mediated by a corrupt organization of heroes or that which responds to very particular interests.

destro villain boku no hero academia anime

Re Destro, in favor of following this same anarchist idea, founded the Paranormal Liberation Front, which will be the latest addition to the fifth season. From the end of the fourth season, we could clearly see how they appeared and are gradually inserted themselves by providing support equipment.

This villain is, in appearance, a very balanced person, with a control of his emotions, as well as his plans. His morality is as high as his principles, so we will continue to see his ideas advance among the people, convincing more and more people to belong to the FLP.

His quirk is very particular, because it works in a way that we know quite well in the world of Western superheroes: through anger. Its power is known as “stress” and its function is not at all complex: the more stressed Re Destro is, the more strength he gets.

This is a skill that, curiously, is perfect for a businessman and office worker who has to be running a company and an anarchist organization under the wraps, since their very existence is stressful in itself, so Re Destro only manages to get more strength on a daily basis.

re destro villain boku no hero academia quirk

Likewise, Yotsubashi has greater stamina, reflexes and a stronger development of his intelligence as his stress rises. In the past Destro was compared in physical strength to All Might . Although it was not known for sure what the quirk of this villain was, as he died without leaving information about himself, it can be believed that it was very similar to the stress of Re Destro.

This new villain will once again put into question everything that the society of heroes represents within the control and political organization of Boku no Hero Academia. While the arc of the Eight Precepts of Death sought to reflect on the yakuza and the silent violence of organized crime, the arc of the Paranormal Liberation Front will call into question the responsiveness of the society of heroes.

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