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The ‘Deadpool’ and ‘My Hero Academia’ Crossover


Deadpool: Samurai is the official Marvel antihero manga currently in publication, and in its most recent chapter readers were able to find an epic crossover with My Hero Academia in an appearance from the formidable All Might.

Previously the manga had made a little parody of Demon Slayer, but this crossover took us all by surprise. Deadpool: Samurai is published on Shueisha-curated Shonen Jump+ website, so there’s no need to worry about poor Wade Winston Wilson being sued.

Despite its short life, the publication has turned out to be better than expected. The story revolves around Deadpool in his titanic attempt to defeat ThanosIn the most recent chapter Deadpool tries to contact Captain America to request his help, but ends up sending the message to All Might:

My Hero Academia All Might Deadpool

Apparently the number one hero of My Hero Academia was on one of his days off, as he had no problems with responding to the antihero’s call. That, or Deku is already quite a man who does not need your vigilance. In any case, Deadpool was a true All Might fan.

My Hero Academia is currently airing its fifth season. Deadpool: Samurai, on the other hand, is currently Marvel’s highest-selling comic right now- it has surpassed Wolverine #1. Creator Hikaru Uesugi celebrated with an illustration:

Synopsis for the first Deadpool: Samurai manga, which was released in December 2020:

Driving down a busy Tokyo street, a cabbie strikes up a conversation with his passenger, who is playing a Spider-Man video-game on a Nintendo Switch, asking what brings him to Japan and why he’s so outlandishly dressed. The passenger states that where he’s from everyone dresses like him, and the cabbie curiously asks where he’s from. Stating that he’s from Marvel Comics, the passenger – Deadpool cheerfully states to the reader that he’s got a brand new crossover publication in Jump+. Getting out of the cab, Deadpool tells the cabbie to bill Kodansha Comics – a rival publisher to Shueisha, the publisher of the Jump manga serialization.

Inside a nearby building, a group of men synthesize a mysterious drug as part of a plot for world domination. The leader’s cellphone rings and Deadpool mocks their plans as being clichéd before telling them to look out the window. Falling for his trick, they are caught off-guard as Deadpool exits the elevator.


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