Mycroft Holmes: Difference Between The Book and The Movie


To those Sherlock Holmes fans, who have been following every book and every corner of the character, they might be very angry with the way Mycroft was portrayed in Enola Holmes.

Enola Holmes was a great success and had been trending ever since the movie released. But fans have some problems with some of the things that are shown in the film typically which never happens in a Sherlock Holme’s movie.

Mycroft’s Smartness

While some have a problem with how they made Mycroft’s character as a semi-Villain, others have other concerns. One thing particular is that they showed Mycroft as the dullest in the family and also overall, he looked just annoying. Mycroft character might be justified as people back in the day clearly had very narrow thinking, but what fails to impress Sherlock Holmes fans is that the way Mycroft was made dumb.

Sam Claflin as Mycroft in Enola Holmes

In the books, Mycroft is brilliant and is one among the smartest people, particularly in Sherlock’s family. Now that the movie made him look dumb and also included dialogues to prove that even the maid thought he was just not smart, it has irked the fans.

Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes:

Our review of this would be, it was good. Henry Cavill might not be the best Sherlock Holmes yet, I mean come on Benedict and Robert Downey Jr, those shoes are hard to fill. But, we definitely know that Henry Cavill did justice to the role.

Henry Cavill as Sherlock in Enola Holmes

Soft natured Sherlock Holmes

Now that’s not something you see in every movie. Actually, Netflix is being sued by Sir Arthur’s estate just because of that. Not because its absurd to make him soft and kind, they are suing as the sweet side of Sherlock is developed only in the last ten cases Sir Arthur wrote. At the same time, he had two personal loses in his family. Now those cases are not in the public domain like the rest of the Sherlock Holmes’ cases. Since Enola Holmes shows the sweet side of Sherlock, they are suing Netflix for copyright infringement.

Enola Holmes:

Sherlock seems to look like the lesser of two evil when he comes home. But later develops a sense of care towards Enola. Even to the extent of him being happy that Enola figured who the culprit was even before him. That’s something rare for Sherlock, isn’t it?

Viscount Tewkesbury

Okay now, are we all going to ignore the fact that he is cutest? His screen time might be less, but when he was on screen, we could definitely not take our eyes off of him. He played the role with ease and definitely won our hearts. I mean, I am not at all biased here.

Viscount Tewkesbury in Enola Holmes

My favourite would be, him without any ego clash asking Enola to start the fire so that he can go collect some mushrooms and make dinner. Now that might be normal nowadays but back in that era, it was like looking at a shooting star. Subtle and straightforward touch one must say to the writers for including that.

Anyhooo, if you haven’t seen the movie, go see it soon. Maybe Mycroft could’ve had a better story, but otherwise, everything is just right and keeps you hooked.


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