The Witcher Season 2: Confirmed Fan Theories


Fans have been buzzing literally 24/7 about Witcher season 2 finally that has worked, and now we have some confirmation in what to expect in the much-awaited second season of the Witcher.

While we hope more of the fan theories and speculations turn out to be accurate, we bring to you already confirmed ones.

No more Twisted Timelines

The most annoying and irritating part of season one was its twisted timelines. Fans had a hard time figuring which happened when as there were scenes intertwined throughout the series.

Some fans had some theory that Netflix will drop this pattern for the second season. It was more of a request than a theory, but it looks like the fans’ requests have been answered. Lauren S Hissrich confirmed this and said season two would only have flashbacks or fast forwards and no more twisted timelines like the first.

Bits and Pieces

The Witcher Season 2: First Scene Revealed By Netflix

What pleased the Witcher fans was that it had short storylines, scenes, and takeaways set throughout the series.

The series had one main storyline but had bits and scenes set throughout, which showed us how each character was built to the way it is now; that is something fans loved and wanted to continue in the second season.

It looks like fans got their way as there are confirmations that this method will be followed for the second season.

Jaskier’s Return


Even though the second season’s plot is hectic, terrifying, and filled with battles, we need Jaskier to ease it.

While the fan-favorite bard is right now on a timeout and pissed off at Geralt, it was said that Jaskier might return in the second season.

While we have no idea how he will play into the Kaer Morhen bit, we are sure he will probably get an apology from Geralt because he damn well deserves one.

If the Witchmas present was any indication, then we definitely haven’t seen the end of Jaskier yet.

Scoia’tael and Vesemir

Scoia’tael Banner

While we knew Vesemir was bound to make his appearance any time soon looks like the second season will see his debut in the series, but Netflix will give a proper intro to the character with the new feature film.

Fans have long speculated about the entry of the nonhuman fighters making an appearance too. The Witchmas games confirmed that when they shared some set photos, one of which had the insignia of Scoia’tael.





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