Naruto Shippuden: Top 10 Fillers That You Should Not Skip


While many fans screech at the words’ Naruto Fillers,’ sometimes it’s not as bad as they think it is.

While keeping in mind the main plot, some fillers deal with the origins of some powerful arcs. Some arcs are just too hilarious to miss, and fans just watch some to remember the good old days of the knuckle-headed Ninja and his friends.

Here we give you five must-watch fillers from Naruto Shippuden.

Shadow Clones



Being the first Jutsu, our small Naruto ever mastered and the one that made him fail in the Genin exams, it is often used in the series.

The Shadow clones are as goofy and as funny as Naruto himself; after all, it’s him only, right? So this episode sees the strike of his shadow clones. Even though, in the end, it turns out to be a dream, it is a fun-filled episode.

Robo Naruto


Oh, the extent Orochimaru will go to get a tailed beast under his control! TBH, at first, he was scary. After some time, you just get used to him and make him a dummy, except that tongue-licking, it still creeps me out.

This two parted episode sees Orochimaru create a robot Naruto to seal the Nine-Tailed Beast’s Chakra inside it. It is funny and action-packed, so it’s a must-watch.


The Twelve Guardian Ninja


This is more than a few filler episodes. In this, we finally get to know that Asuma sensei is the son of Third Hokage and the reason why Asuma’s death was more unbearable for others who skipped this filler arc.

It also gives a glimpse of a younger Third Hokage and gives us a proper introduction to the Twelve Guardian Ninjas. Naruto also finally meets the boy Zora, who can take the same form as him since he has the nine-tailed beast’s chakra trapped inside him.


Wedding Arc


After everything is over, we have some good old, feel-good episodes in Naruto. Fans get to experience the wedding of Naruto and Hinata.

It’s a few fun-filled episodes, with everyone reminiscing the good old days and preparing for Naruto and Hinata’s wedding.


Kakashi the Copy Ninja


You ever wondered how Kakashi’s Anbu Black Ops days were? Well, worry not; these few episodes cover that mystery in season 16 (349-361).

From what Kakashi is doing when the Nine-tailed beast unleashes its power to the Uchiha bloodbath, everything is covered in these episodes, making it a must-watch.


Three-Tails Arc


If you are a fan of all the ninja of Leaf village going together on a mission, then this arc is a must-watch. Also, we get to see how not all the henchmen of Orochimaru are heartless.

This arc sheds some light on how the beasts were captured in the first place and clear some doubts on how these beasts came into the human world. If you are bored and have nothing to watch, then you should watch this arc.




if you are not a big fan of reminiscing the good old days, don’t watch it. But if you like Naruto so much and would like to know how much he has grown from the small unruly kid he was, then this is a must-watch.

Season 9, which pans out from 176 to 196, has some non-fillers in it, so you can watch it to understand every plotline that keeps intersecting.


The Tale of Naruto the Hero 


Do you miss Jiraiya? Then you should watch these few filler episodes. This filler saga relates to Jiraiya’s novel, which was handed over to the fifth Hokage in her Infinite Tsukuyomi dream.

While giving a glimpse of an alternate reality and some more screentime for Jiraiya, one of our favorite characters, this arc is a must-watch if you have ever wondered what would’ve happened if Naruto’s parents had stayed alive.

Power Arc


With the entire plotline giving us the feels of excitement with the fourth Shinobi war nearing, this filler arc is a must-watch if you like good content and world-class animation.

This arc was made to celebrate Naruto hitting the 500 episode milestone. It has all the best features, action, emotion, and fun.


The New Chunin Exam Arc


This arc revolves around the second Chunin exam, which Naruto missed and made most of the characters in the series superior to Naruto in ranks.

Its only drawback is that this arc was right in the middle of the War arc. Otherwise, there is no flaw in this arc. If you are done watching Naruto and completely bored right now, this arc must be watched.


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