New Character Video of Tokyo Revengers Live Action Shows The Tokyo Manji Gang In Action!

Tokyo Revengers Live Action

Warner Bros, which is producing a live movie adaptation of the Tokyo Revengers manga, recently released a brand new character video. This video came out on Wednesday, ie. the 7th of July 2021. 

The video shows clips of the members of the Tokyo Manji Gang, whose identity shifts with each timeline Takemichi explores. The short video clip shows the intricate and strong bonds the members share with each other. But it also shows how they’re drawn to violence, bloodshed, and competition.

The video clip makes one want to watch the movie as soon as possible! It’s indeed exciting to see the infamous and sometimes, heartwarming characters in real life, in flesh and blood! 

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Tokyo Revengers Live Action Movie Release Date

The live-action movie adaptation of Tokyo Revengers will be released on the 9th of July 2021. Warner Bros Japan is producing it and earlier, they had planned to release it in October 2020. But due to unavoidable reasons like the COVID-19 pandemic for instance, they had to postpone it by almost 9 months. 

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SUPER BEAVER’s song Namae o Yobu yo will be the theme song for the Tokyo Revengers movie. SUPER BEAVER is a popular rock band in Japan known for its unique musical style and catchy songs.

Tokyo Revengers Live Action Movie Cast

Tokyo Revengers Live Action Cast
From L to R in order (table)
Character Cast
Takemichi Hanagaki Takumi Kitamura
Ken Ryuguji Yuki Yamada
Naoto Tachibana Yosuke Sugino
Masataka Shimizu Nobuyuki Suzuki
Atsushi Sendo Hayato Isomura
Tetta Kisaki Shotaro Mamiya
Manjiro Sano Ryo Yoshizawa
Hinata Tachibana Mio Imada


Tokyo Revengers Live Action
Tokyo Revengers Live Action: Mio Amada playing Hinata

About The Plot of Tokyo Revengers

The plot follows the tale of a man, Takemichi who time travels into the past to rescue his ex-girlfriend Hinata Tachibana. At 26 years old, he’s stuck in a fruitless job and is still a virgin. When he hears the news that his ex-girlfriend and her brother were murdered in cold blood by the Tokyo Manji Gang, he goes back 12 years into the past.


However, altering the past always leads to new problems and obstacles, which place obstructions on his goal. Will he be able to bypass the ruthless delinquent Tokyo Manji Gang? Watch to find out.

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Where Can I Watch Tokyo Revengers Live Action Movie?

The unfortunate thing is that the release date concerns only the theatres in Japan. Thus, it won’t be released yet in international theatres. Fans outside Japan might have to wait for a very long time to watch it legally online. Let’s pray that it arrives on Netflix soon.


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