Tokyo Revengers Episode 13 Was A Tearjerker: What Happened and Where to Watch It

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The Tokyo Revengers anime started premiering at the beginning of April 2021. It has broken many milestones and has set the precedent for many Shonen Delinquent anime. Recently, there was news that the Tokyo Revengers manga has had a circulation of over 25 million copies. 

Also, Tokyo Revengers got the coveted 2020 Kodansha Manga Award for the Shonen category. The Tokyo Revengers anime has released over 13 episodes as of now. On the 4th of July 2021, Tokyo Revengers Episode 13 was released.

The new episode is replete with lots of tragic moments and violence. Let’s take a close look at what happened in Tokyo Revengers Episode 13, which will help us predict what might happen in the next episode. 

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 211
Tokyo Revengers

About Tokyo Revengers

The plot follows the life of Takemichi Hangaki, a hopeless 26-year-old unemployed man, who learns that his ex-girlfriend and her younger brother were brutally murdered by the Tokyo Manji Gang. Later, he’s teleported 12 years back into the past when he was a middle schooler and decides to change the past so that he can save Hinata, his ex-girlfriend.


Tokyo Revengers Episode 13: A Bloody Tragedy

The beginning of the episode takes us through Takemichi and Hinata taking a walk along a beach. As Hinata starts getting emotional talking about why she doesn’t understand she got dumped, Takemichi gets flustered and heads off to the washroom.

When he comes back to the car, he sees Hinata, injured and unable to move her legs, because a car crashed into hers. Then, before he can save her, the cars burst into flames and Hinata dies in this timeline too. 

Tokyo Revengers Episode 14: Sendo Atsushi questions why Takemichi isn't in the car
Sendo Atsushi questions why Takemichi isn’t in the car: Were they trying to murder Takemichi?

The next scenes show the funeral, where Naoto, Hinata’s younger brother, has a meltdown. They’re left wondering why Hinata died again even after they meticulously planned it out. 

Tokyo Revengers Episode 14
Takemichi plans to eradicate the problem from the source

We’re introduced to Sendo Atsushi, who might’ve been forced to kill Hinata because his family is being held hostage by the gang. The two are left pondering over the peculiarities of each timeline and start wondering if they’ll be able to change anything. 


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New plot twists like Draken being on death row and the new mysterious character of Kisaki Tetta are revealed. The episode ends with questions like why Hanma was present at the murder scene. Hopefully, the next episode will shed light on these unanswered questions.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 14 Release Date

The next episode of Tokyo Revengers will be released after a week, i.e on July 11, 2021.

Where To Watch Tokyo Revengers


As of now, the only platform you can watch Tokyo Revengers from is Crunchyroll. You can’t watch it from Netflix yet. However, it might get rolled out soon.

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