One Piece Chapter 1047 Release Date, Preview, and Other Details

Luffy "Sun God"

One Piece fans are truly having a blast seeing the ridiculously insane transformation of Luffy in recent chapters. Ever since Luffy revealed his Gear 5, the tides of the battle have shifted in favor of our protagonists. As the Wano arc approaches its climax, who do you think will emerge victoriously? Read on to find out more about the upcoming chapter, One Piece Chapter 1047.

About One Piece

One Piece is a Japanese manga series that has been running for almost 2 decades now since its initial release on 22nd July 1997. It is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda and revolves around the protagonist Monkey D. Luffy and the crew members of the Strawhat Pirates.

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One Piece Chapter 1047 Release Date

We will have to wait a bit longer before the release of the upcoming chapter as the mangaka, Eiichiro Oda, takes his usual break. These weekly breaks help Eiichiro to get much-needed time off from work to rejuvenate his mental and physical health. With that being said, we can now expect the upcoming chapter to be released on 24th April 2022. 


Depending on which part of the world you reside in, here are the exact release time of the various time zones:

  • Japan – 1:00 AM
  • India – 9:30 PM
  • USA/Canada – 10:00 AM
  • UK – 4:00 PM
  • CES(Europe) – 5:00 PM

One Piece Chapter 1046 Recap

Here’s what happened in the previous chapter, One Piece Chapter 1046:

  • As the fight between Luffy and Kaidou continues, the rest of the straw hat pirates and their compatriots are trapped inside the burning castle. Usopp attempts to extinguish the fire with Midori Boshi: Sprinkler, but the plant is devoured by the flames. 

Luffy Vs Kaidou

  • Hamlet warns him he’s wasting his energy, but Usopp responds that he feels compelled to do something in order to save Kin’emon and Kikunojo to uphold his promise to Izou. In the right brain tower, we see Frankie carrying an unconscious Zoro to take him to Chopper.
  • On the fourth floor, Raizo tells Jinbe that his preparations are done. We find out that with the help of his devil fruit powers, Raizo had stored the water Zunesha bathe in. We see flashbacks of Raizo failing to prevent the Oden Castle from burning down 20 years ago.
  • In order to prevent another soul from perishing from mere flames, Raizo had taken it upon himself to be better prepared next time. He then releases all of the stored water, and Jinbe employs Mizugokoro and Kairyu Ipponzeoi to hurl the water down throughout the castle, extinguishing the fire.
  • Meanwhile, Yamato informs Momonosuke, who is stunned, that Kaidou has reached his limit and will not be able to continue his flame clouds for much longer, which means he must create flame clouds as large as his or Onigashima would fall.

One Piece Chapter 1047 Spoilers

We will have to wait for the raw scans of the upcoming chapter before the spoilers are leaked for One Piece Chapter 1047. The Japanese raw scans are expected to be released soon which means we can expect fan translation as early as 20th April 2022. 



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Where to read One Piece Chapter 1047

You can read the latest chapter of One Piece on Viz Media and MangaPlus.

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