One Piece Episode 1004 (Kaido’s Defeat?) Release Date and Spoilers

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Kaido is getting attacked by the Akazaya Nine as well as the Minks. However, his men, Number Fuga, Ancient Giant, and Jack are always there to shield opponents from even landing a finger on him. Here’s everything you might want to know about One Piece Episode 1004.

One Piece Episode 1004 Release Date

One Piece Episode 1004 will be getting released on the 19th of December, 2021. Every new manga chapter of One Piece is scheduled to get released after a gap of a week, provided the author’s health is good. 

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One Piece Episode 1003 Recap

The previous chapter showed Kaido fighting the Akazaya Nine with a massive blade. As Luffy attempts to attack Kaido, the Ancient Giant blocks his attack after which Jinbei and Franky proceeded to get the damn Giant out of the way.


Meanwhile, Kaido is attacked by the Minks on the rooftop. However, again, Kado’s men Number Fuga and Jack arrive to protect him. While X Drake and Zoro are fighting Apoo together, Queen feels it’s necessary for him to join too.

One Piece Episode 998: Akazaya Nine
Akazaya Nine

Queen then proceeds to announce that since his bullets transformed the Samurai into an ice monster with horns protruding out of his head, he must be the best. X Drake deduces that Queen is using her infamous technique called the Plague Rounds as all the Samurais start biting into each other, ultimately transforming into ice monsters.

Yamato is on the lookout for Momonosuke, whom she refers to as her son. Shinobu is fleeing with Momonosuke, suspecting Yamato of being a menace. 

Momonosuke, on the other hand, believes they should hear out Yamato because Luffy stated that Yamato is a friend and therefore, she must be a good person. Yamato introduced herself as Oden and promised to protect them.


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Kinemon becomes enraged on the rooftop, crying and staring at Kaido, who is in his dragon form. The Minks engage in combat with Number Fuga and his henchmen. The Akazaya Nine realise that everyone is involved in a scuffle.

One Piece Episode 996: Kaido

The Minks advise Jack to “come it on” when they understand they’re up against one of the Animal Kingdom Pirates’ Lead Performers, Jack the Drought as they are determined to hold him accountable for his previous wrongdoings. 


While Big Mom arrives outside and hears Perospero say, Mama!, Cat Viper and Dogstorm face up against Jack. When Perospero swears he’s here to defeat Kaido, Big Mom becomes enraged.

Where To Watch

You can stream the latest episodes of One Piece on Crunchyroll and Funimation.


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