One Punch Man Chapter 156 Spoilers: Saitama VS God

One Punch Man Chapter 167

Platinum Sperm, Flash, and an injured Garou are busy fighting, their amazing speed disrupting the light. The spoilers for One Punch Man Chapter 156 are already out and it already looks very promising.

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming OPM chapter.

About One Punch Man

Saitama from City Z does heroic actions as a pastime. He has trained himself to be able to destroy any opponent with a single punch, but his unrivaled power has left him with an unbearable sense of ennui.

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One Punch Man Chapter 155 Recap

Saitama’s Arrival and Garou’s Injury

The coming of Saitama pleases the King. Flashy Flash looks around, wondering whether the other heroes have all been defeated. Saitama runs up to Genos, concerned about the cyborg’s condition. Saitama learns that a Monster Association executive member severely harmed him.

One Punch Man Chapter 156

Flashy Flash, to his astonishment, launches a kick at Garou, who narrowly avoids it. Garou finds out that he is the Rank 13 S-Class hero. Flash inquires as to whether he is the Monster Association’s leader. He responds that he is not.

Platinum Sperm VS Flashy Flash and Garou

Platinum Sperm appears unexpectedly and expresses his dissatisfaction at Garou’s refusal to join the Monsters. With Platinum Sperm, Flashy Flash and Garou begin a brawl and start attacking each other at mind-blowing speed.


Meanwhile, King approaches Saitama and weeps, thanking Genos for protecting Tatsumaki. Saitama responds by complimenting the cyborg.

Due to their incredible speeds, the struggle between Garou, Flashy Flash, and Platinum Sperm unleashes bright light covering the sky. Platinum Sperm offers Garou to partner up with him to defeat Flashy Flash during the battle.

One Punch Man Chapter 156
Platinum Sperm VS Flash and Garou

Platinum Sperm lets down his guard and is struck in the face by the Hero Hunter, much to his chagrin. Garou then proceeds to demonstrate his Monster Calamity God Slayer Fist, a combat method combining several martial arts with ease.

One Punch Man Chapter 156
Monster Calamity God Slayer Fist

Growing Centipede and Aircraft Carrier Capsized

A shadow of a centipede-like creature is getting larger deep beneath, where a shrine is hidden. Meanwhile, a pair of enormous eyeballs emerges from the sea, sinking the whole aircraft carrier.


One Punch Man Chapter 156 Spoilers

The enigmatic reality known as God (probably the centipede-like monster and the eyeballs) has made his presence, however only one of his eyes has so far emerged.

We may assume he was enormous in size, and his last appearance on the moon spanned virtually the whole face of the moon. Given the apparent threat posed by the former, God and Saitama are sure to clash. How will a battle like that take place? The battle is bound to be enormous and destructive.

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One Punch Man Chapter 156 Release Date

The release date of One Punch Man Chapter 156 is not clear yet. The mangaka is infamous for working on the manga according to his wishes instead of following a neat schedule. Some sources say that it might get released around January 8, 2022. However, some put it as near as January 5, 2022.


Either way, we have no option but to wait impatiently.

Where To Read One Punch Man Chapter 156?

You can read it legally from Viz.


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